Friday, July 11, 2014

What We Were Up To This Week....Week 5 & 6

We have been in NYC now for 3 weeks.  We are finally heading home.  I think we are all tired of the traffic.  Tired of the long lines, and I personally am tired of the cost of living here.  We are spoiled living in Northwest Ohio.  But on top of school, these were a few of our experiences over the past couple weeks.

The kids (and Joe's) first subway rides.  This is Caty the Explorer watching for our train.

We walked past Madison Square Garden.

More of Caty the Explorer helping us find our way through Times Square.

The New Year's Ball in Times Square.

This was a mild traffic jam this past Sunday.  Took us 30 minutes to go 4 blocks!

Playing Xbox with her new baby, Elsa.

Did some science in the room.

We did typical schoolwork, ok, we adjusted our schoolwork.  All 4 kids started Discovery K12 this week.  It's an online program that breaks each day down.  I am supplementing then from there.  I need to lessen what I am carrying, and even though I really cutback the amount of school items we bring on trips, I still needed to cutback some more.  Joey and Lydia though are staying with their typical math programs.

Caty working on her rainforest animals coloring book.
Since we are in NYC and the Liberty Science Center had a great skyscraper exhibit, we learned about skyscrapers and tried to build some from LEGOs.

Caty did a cooking project, which didn't turn out well.  The molds were AWFUL!  But the rice krispy treats were good they said.  So not a total loss.
Yummy watermelon.  It was HOT in the 90s with HIGH humidity.  Good watermelon from down the street at Whole Foods.
Lydia spotted a rainbow just before one of the pop-up thunderstorms we have been experiencing this past week.

This week we visited 3 historical areas.  We visited Fort Lee, Washington's Headquarters, and Edison National Park.  I am working on posts for each area.  Lots of Revolutionary War history in this area, and the Thomas Edison Park was so cool to visit.  The girls actually got their Super Junior Ranger certificates for visiting and completing the Ranger program in both places.

We also did lots of science at the Liberty Science Center.  This was a great place to visit, we went twice this week.  We saw a great display of their new Tesla Coil exhibit...

We also went to the Museum of Natural History in New York....yep we did the Night at the Museum Tour :)!!  We forgot our Gum Gum....we were such dumb dumbs.  It was great though, on Tuesday there was an exhibit from the museum in Brayden's schoolwork.  He got so excited, and said I sat under that big whale!  He does somewhat pay attention.

Well that was our week.  Watch for our upcoming adventures in posts.  We did so much in New York.  Next up is Chicago!

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