Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Kids Songs - Review

What parent doesn't love the sound of their children singing?  I mean it might be off-key, but that milestone of hearing them sing a song they memorized or even made up themselves, is so precious.  Our Caty is the youngest, and unlike any of the other kids, she really loves music, dancing and singing.  She is the one who can't stop moving when she hears a song.  She also cannot keep from just singing right along.

So I was very excited when I found out we were getting a chance to review the several Musical items including the Happy Kids Songs Workbook:  Hands-on Activities to build Character, Social and Emotional Skills ($13.95) by Happy Kids Songs.   Happy Kids Songs Music was created for kids up to age 8.

We were given the downloads for:

Happiness & Attitude ($4.95) - includes the songs Shake it Out and Dance, Who Knows What's a Kudo?, I Don't Understand, Be Good to Yourself, and Better Together.

Friends & Sharing ($4.95) includes the songs Sailing on the Seven Cs, Happy As Happy Can Be, Together, Everybody Wants to Find a Friend, and Sharing Friends. 
Manners & Character ($4.95) - includes the songs H-O-N-E-S-T-Y, The Golden Rule, Quirks, The Magic Word, and Six Little Kids.

All the songs are typical Preschool songs.  They have catchy rhythms and rhymes.  They are the type of songs that even have the parents singing them to themselves after singing them with the kids all the way home in the van.  

Caty loved them!!!  I downloaded them onto her tablet so that she could listen to them anytime, whether at home or on the go.  We are actually enjoying them a great deal, and like other fun educational songs, I catch her singing them without even realizing it. (Oh and myself included.)

We also worked on various activities in the Happy Kids Songs Workbook:  Hands-on Activities to build Character, Social and Emotional Skills ($13.95).  This is an extra resource to purchase to go along with the Happy Kids Songs music.  The activities in this workbook are meant to draw children a little closer to the lesson being taught in that song through fun activities.  It might be a coloring page, a word search, or other word activity.  It is a fun activity and not meant to just quiz kids.  They also include the words to the songs, just in case you don't have them memorized already.

If your child is not a workbook person, then you might not want to purchase this item, but we found it to be a great addition.  When I was needing to work with one of the other kids, Caty could work on her "fun book" while we I work with the other kids.  

If you are into an unschooling or relaxed approach to learning, then the Happy Kids Songs music set is something to check into.  They are fun and encourage children without them even realizing that they are learning.

I definitely consider this as an extra for our homeschool.  But to be honest, I really consider it a great addition to Caty's time.  When a child has special needs, such as a form of autism, they do not always remember the social graces and cues that we want them too.  You could take the "remind and correct" approach, which boring and frustrating to both you as the parent and the child.  Doesn't it sound so much easier and less stressful to let kids learn about some social skills through fun and catchy music. 

When your child is going around, they can be singing the songs from  Happy Kids Songs music and being constantly reminded of social cues without them feeling like you are just there to nag them instead of just helping them learn.

 Happy Kids Songs is not afraid to share their mission in helping families teach their children the most they can.

I really do feel that Happy Kids Songs Music been a great addition to Caty's day.  The price is reasonable and we can see ways the girls can keep working on social cues that they need to work on.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review were given the opportunity to try out  Happy Kids Songs Music and the Happy Kids Songs Workbook:  Hands-on Activities to build Character, Social and Emotional Skills.  You can see how this program worked for their families by visiting the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.
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