Tuesday, August 19, 2014

There's more than Trees IN PA - There's Phil

Ok....I love stopping at unusual places!!!  On our way home from New York City, we sidetracked through Gobbler's Knob.  I felt a little out of place without my top hat!

We all got a chance to stand on the stage where Phil reveals his famous weather forecast each February!

Joey wasn't happy with his shadow prediction :(

This town loves their groundhog's.  Little groundhog statues everywhere.

 He was taking a nap.
It was very hot, we didn't find all the groundhogs.  But this was a favorite.

A display in the library.

Dad even got in on the fun!
If you are heading through Punxatawny, PA there are several fun places to visit.  You can do the groundhog search and find all the statues.  There's a few nice parks in the area, a gift shop and The Weather Museum.  We skipped out on that since we had just been in a weather museum a couple months ago.  They had similar exhibits.

So if you are in the area, take an extra day to explore this cute little town.  Lots of little fun things to do!