Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Week - Week 11

I am running a bit behind on this post.  We only officially had schoolwork 3 days last week because Lydia was participating in her first Special Olympics State Equestrian Competition.  So we were headed to that on Thursday.  Needless to say I didn't get to finish the post because our cabin did not have good least inside.  You had to be sitting outside and I forgot my bug spray.  So I sort of skipped out on internet activities.

We had our family reunion this week.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids got to spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma.  Grandpa works a lot, so they loved getting to spend some time with him.

 You ever use a banana like a hockey stick....this was a fun game.
Since it was Shark Week though, we had some fun learning about Sharks.  We still have a couple of videos to watch that we recorded on Discovery Channel.  Both the girls liked this, even though it was Lydia's science for the week.

She made a really cool poster labeling the parts of a shark.
 A treat that Mommy doesn't usually buy much.
 One day we ate like sharks.  We had salad (algae), and fried shrimp, cod and calamari.  We breaded and made it all ourselves.  Lydia and I were the only ones who ate the calamari.  The tentacles were still hanging on.

To finish off we then dissected a Dog shark.
 My niece joined us for this "gross" but "fun" project.
 Bruce even gave us a toothy smile.
Caty worked very hard on her work this week.  She worked on her sight words and math.  She did very well on place value this week.  This is also the first time she sat and wanted to work on puzzles that were over 12 pieces.  She actually did a few 100 piece puzzles (with help).  This is a big step for her to be able to concentrate that long.
 We also went on the bike ride.  Yeah, it's time for a new bike.  My 6 year old is growing up !!
The boys did all of their work.  It took a little fighting with Brayden, but he eventually did complete everything.  I did discover Joey was not logging in and doing his math practice.  He didn't realize that I get a weekly report telling me where he worked in Mathletics and what his scores were.  I kindly sent him a reminder in his email (because I knew he would realize I was watching him) to make sure he finishes this work daily.

Caty is working on the Magic School Bus science Kit on Flight.  She is absolutely LOVING these kits.  Just shows you how different each one of your children can be.  None of our kids have loved these kits, until now.  I extended this study out for two weeks since we only had 3 days last week.
 Learning about air pressure.
 The same experiment highlighted at the Wright Patterson Museum
Since we were near the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum while going to Lydia's Horse Competition, we made a quick visit to look at some older planes.  Caty LOVED this!!!

We look forward to getting through our next week.  Finish up some studies on flight and learning about important people like the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart and why Lighthouses were important.  There is some poetry writing coming our way also.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  We'll see you next Friday.  Check back this week as we post some more about our summer travels!!!

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