Monday, August 11, 2014

Tesla Coils, Bear Tracks and Skyscrapers - Liberty Science Center

We had the opportunity to visit a unbelievable science center in New Jersey recently.  The Liberty Science Center was so much fun.  In fact, we spent two separate days there exploring all they had to offer.

 Our first stop was to visit the Clifford exhibit.  Caty thought this was fun.  It was below her level, but she likes Clifford.

Next up....The Rubiks Cube exhibit!!  This was so much fun.  If you live in the area or this exhibit is at your local museum....GO and visit it!!!  So much fun.  Brayden loved playing in this area.  That is unusual.

 Why yes..that flag is made out of Rubiks Cubes.

 Watching a robot solve a Rubiks Cube.
 Critical thinking Kinect game

Learning how car brakes work.

 They had a cute playground with a nature theme.

Learning about germs and our bodies.
 Watching what a endoscopy would look like.
Motion globe.  That is sand switching directions.
 They had the Touch Tunnel.  Kids had to use their sense of touch to go through the tunnel.

 Watching a cows eye be dissected.

 Learning about skyscrapers

 Beam from World Trade Center.

 Learning how the cranes work.

 Using a robotic surgery program.  Brayden did great with this.  He scored highest to that point.

 He might have scored that high....But I still don't want him operating on me.
 They built LEGO cars and then competed against each other.  The car with the fewest blocks knocked off during the crashing won.

 They all kept their blocks.  It was straight across win for all of them.
The best part of Liberty Science Center was seeing the Tesla demonstration and learning about the Tesla coils.

I HIGHLY recommend a visit to the Liberty Science Center.  It was so much fun.  Expect it to always be busy.  We went on a Sunday and a Tuesday, it was busy both day with field trips and scout groups.  I recommend early (Right when they open) or after 2 when most groups go home.  It was really a great place to visit!!


  1. That looks like a fantastic place. My youngest is just starting to like rubies cube and asks about it...I had one as a kid and never could figure it out:). I am loving all your travel post the kids are getting to see so much and it is all learning too...I think you are surpassing me in the traveling now :)

  2. I can only dream of catching up to you in travel adventures :)

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