Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Week - Week 10

We are home this week....shocker!  We came home to a broken dryer and a messy house.  I still haven't figured that out, but oh well.  At least the hot tub was finally working!!

I spent Saturday morning getting the house somewhat under control, or at least getting the ability to walk around without tripping.  That and doing laundry at my mom's house until the dryer guy could get here.

We went to a family picnic on Saturday at our local sportsman's club.  I have to say I just wasn't in the mood.  I love to target shoot.  I find it relaxing.  But we have been so busy this summer, that we haven't gotten a chance to go.  Maybe this weekend....who knows.  Lydia kicked butt as usual, she loves to do target shooting also.  And Caty shot skeet for the first time.

That same night we headed to Indiana because we were going with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to Indiana Beach Amusement Park.  It was a fun family day.
 This was the next day result.....

 He fell asleep playing Minecraft.
Caty had decided she is now a mad scientist....She wants to wear her science kit goggles almost everywhere.
This week in science she learned about volcanoes.  We are using the Magic School Bus Volcano activity kit.

This activity shows how when the tectonic plates move together and cause the magma to come out...

Soft boiled egg
 Crack the shell
 She tried to mark the lines so that she could see the fractures.
 Then she "crashed" the plates together and out merged the magma.

Floating pumice stone
 Chemical reactions
The "volcano" form that came with the kit was horrible, so Caty decided to make a more sturdy volcano using glue and newspaper over top of the plastic form that came with the box.  She came up with this on her own!
 Then she painted it.

Lydia is taking the American Girl Josefina class from Homeschool with Minecraft.  For a cooking activity this week, she made homemade gluten-free tortilla shells and also made homemade goat cheese.

 Here is the goat cheese draining in the cheese cloth
 We used the shells to make shrimp tacos....yummy!!!
We finished adding items to our Smash book.  We had a bunch to put in from New York and Chicago.  We are putting maps, tickets stubs and other items that we saved from our adventures in there to keep for our scrapbooks.
 Working hard on his Math.
 Caty is working on her sight words in playdough.
 Caty cannot seem to get enough math and handwriting.  She loves doing math worksheets.
 Lydia found a spot on my desk to do her schoolwork.
 Caty's finished volcano poster.  We are putting this away for next year's State Fair.
 Brayden decided the whole couch was his to work on today.
We actually had a very smooth week.  There were some up and down emotional coaster rides.  But overall, I made some adjustments for the kids schoolwork and they all seemed to take them well.

Caty's favorite schoolwork right now is copywork so I started her using Draw Write Now.  She did 5 lessons in 2 days.  She LOVES it.  She also started place value today.  It was a little rough but she liked the LEGOs we were using.

I did start a new essential oil in hopes of feeling better.  It's only been a few days, so I still have high hopes.  We'll wait and see.  I got a lot accomplished this week, but not as much as I wanted.  My to-do list is a lot higher than my energy levels.  Hoping that I can get some accomplished this weekend.

Hope everyone had a nice week and has a wonderful weekend!

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