Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Week - Week 15

Well we are trying to get back in the saddle again.  Two weeks off is a long vacation for the kids.  This week I was feeling the issues.  Brayden was in video game only mode all week.  Lydia just wanted to play Animal Jam and she would read a couple books, but I spent every evening doing school work with her.  Thursday night we were up until 9 pm working on her assignments.  I was really stuck and not sure what to do.  I think she was playing me, but not sure.

We had not had any real emotional breakdowns while we were on vacation, and she still hasn't had a full tantrum, but she just would stare at the wall when it came time to do her work.  She lied to me all week about various things.  Ughhh.....I decided to make her complete her task list all week.  Now I know there are those of you out there that are screaming at your screens and saying, " homeschool....let it slide!!"  If I knew the work was too hard for her or if she was sick, I would've let it slide.  I really think she was testing me to see if I would let her get away with things.  And rest assured before you email me and scream at me, I did take her animal report off the table.  So don't totally flip out.  She read all the sea turtle books, but didn't write the report yet.  So that was pushed onto next week's schedule.

Homeschool with Minecraft has kept me on my toes all week.  New classes started this week, and I was swamped with new students, server upgrades, and bookkeeping.  Ugghhhh!!!  But it's so much fun and I am glad that it is taking off!!!  I just wish I could afford to hire someone to do the bookkeeping and the icky office stuff.

I made some adjustments in the boys work because of issues I saw this week and areas they need to work on.  But that is a major benefit of homeschooling students with special needs.

Joey got a new batman shirt this week.  It has a cape on it.

 Caty learned about eggs this week.
 Did the egg in vinegar experiment.

Hardboiled an egg to see the air pocket.  I didn't realize that the air pocket in the egg was so important.  It gives the chick their first breath.  Magic School Bus has a really good video about chickens and how they hatch.
Lydia of course is learning more about animals.  One of her science book challenges was to build animals or re-create animals from multiple categories.  I didn't have any magazines handy, but I did have a cool magnet game that Caty got from the Chicago Zoo.  It worked out great for this project.

 Joey is taking a class called Traveling through History with Doctor Who.  This week we learned about Pompeii.  One of the projects was to built and erupt a volcano, which we done just a few weeks ago with Caty.  So We changed the project up a little bit and made 3D volcano models.
 Lydia is taking the class too, but not has intensely.
 We used model magic, because it dries quickly.  Then after they dried overnight.  We painted the models.
 Then with printed tags, we labeled our volcanoes.
 Lydia did her own way, the labels are on the inside of the volcano.
 The older kids started the bowling team this week.  So Caty and I  played games while they played.
 Never fear, Batman is here!!!

 We are learning about Japan this week for World Travelers Club.  For lunch, we made sushi to eat.
 Caty tried it for the first time and liked t.
 We may be making this weekly now.  The Girls really liked it.
 Caty is doing really well at remembering her math facts.
 We went apple picking when we picked daddy up from the airport.  It's fall tradition and the girls could've picked bushels more, But we really do not need more than 2.
 More sports started back class

And we also had horseriding.  Caty is feeding Stanley here.
 Lydia did really well as usual.

Joey is learning about writing the next few months.  It is difficult for him to create paragraphs. So we will be concentrating on this skill.  He also has trouble with sentences.  Hopefully we can get all the the connections going together for him on this project.

We have another busy week ahead of us.  Hope everyone had a great week!  See you next weekend.

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