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Fortuigence - Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course Review

Writing can be a very difficult.  It is not a subject that I enjoy teaching.  Let's face it, writing is a subject that a child needs.  You cannot just take it out of a curriculum the way you do cursive handwriting.  A child needs to learn writing so that they can effectively communicate in emails, business correspondence or even file a complaint.  So When I was having trouble with seeing how to approach this subject with Joey, I was very grateful to be given an opportunity to try out the Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course from Fortuigence.  

Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course (for ages 12 - 18) is an online writing course that allows a student to go at their own pace, yet still interact with a teacher who is grading and reading all of their materials.  This is part of Fortuigence's semester long Essay Rock Star writing program and this unit takes about four weeks to complete.  It teaches the art of writing an expository essay.  This type of essay is one of the most requested essays during high school and college.  

Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course trains students in a 5 step writing process that not only allows them to write an effective expository essay, but gives them more strength in their other types of writing.  They learn brainstorming, organization, free-writing, revision, and editing skills.

Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course is very easy to use, and is written so that students can take the lead on their classwork.  They simply log in and click on their course.  The lessons can be read by the student or there is an option for the lesson to be read to them.  It is like working with a teacher directly.  

Completed lessons are easy for students to track.  They can also easily send a message to the instructor to ask questions.  Turning in assignments is also very easy to do.  We actually created them in a Microsoft Word file and then uploaded the file.  

Feedback from the instructor was quick.  We usually heard back within 24 hours, there was one time it didn't take that long even.  

In our class, there are actually 7 lessons.  You could easily do this course in just a couple weeks, but I chose to not overwhelm Joey and we are concentrating on one lesson a week.  Although he was able to do Lesson 1 & 2 in one week.

The lessons are not complicated and easily explain what is expected of the student.  It also explains why we need to write things in specific ways.  You could read or listen to the materials in roughly 15-20 minutes and then just add in your writing time to the schedule.  Some kids might be able to finish their assignments in under an hour.  Some students might need a bit longer.  

The instructor also gave wonderful feedback on Joey's assignments.  She focused on how he could improve and not what he was doing wrong.  This is exactly any student needs.  I was very impressed with her concern for Joey and making sure that he gets the most from the program.  They work really well with students who have special needs or learning disabilities.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is one of 4 units in the Essay Rock Star Writing program from Fortuigence.   Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course has been created for students between the ages of 12 and 18.  It can be used as high school credit.  The cost is $57.00 for this unit, or you can purchase the entire Essay Rock Star Writing Course for $197.00.  

We plan on chugging along with our Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course and then continuing on with the Persuasive Essay course.  I really feel the amount of support provided from the teacher has been wonderful.  It's like having a safety net there for me with a subject that I am not totally comfortable teaching.  Plus I can easily print off the records for Joey's transcripts.  

Several members of the TOS SchoolHouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various parts of the Essay Rock Star Writing Course. Be sure to check out how this program worked for their families.

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