Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Be Cool About Fire Safety

It's National Fire Safety Week.  So we are talking about fire safety, well we are reviewing with the others and Caty and I spent a full day on it.

We pulled out an old favorite of the kids.  It's an older, and corny video that we have been watching the past 8 years.

We talked about What is ok and not ok to touch.  (ie.....matches vs. a flashlight) And we also talked about our Fire Safety Plan.  We also talked about where the smoke detectors are in the house.

We created a map and talked about our family meeting point.  What ways she could exit her room in case of a fire.

I also emphasized the need to trust the firemen.  If they come in, they will be wearing funny clothes and scary looking stuff, but they are there to help you.  She barely remembers when we had to call the ambulance during one of her croup attacks, but she remembers seeing the EMTs in their uniforms and the lights.  Our town has such a wonderful fire department.  The girls love bringing cookies down to them.  We are going to do it again as soon as I hear when the next meeting will be.  One time, they let her sit in a 1911 Fire truck and turn the siren.

So we watched a great movie on Firemen in Amazon...if you are a Prime member, it's included in the free streaming.  It was a fireman telling about their daily life and how they train to be firemen.

We also watched the episode on Emergency Workers in this series.  This is a great series.

And then we watched a whole bunch of .... Fireman Sam.  She LOVED this show!!  It was actually pretty educational and I enjoyed the way they presented the heavy material in a way to make kids more receptive to learning.  If you have Amazon Prime, it is part of your streaming package.

For fun, we made a Firefighter Caty....she thought that was cool.

Here are some links for products that we used.

Fire Safety by Fishyrobb - this has a fun question game in we played

I really did pick and choose activities from each item.  I had to buy them all to find what would fit for Ms. Caty.  (These are not affiliate links....just sharing what we used).

Some other unit studies I found online:

You don't need to spend a whole week on this project.  Just remember, it's safest to go through this before an emergency would happen!!  I like the video above because it makes a serious subject, a bit silly and more fun to learn about.

Enjoy and think safety!!

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