Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making Fairy Mud

Caty perks up and says, "I need to do a science project today."  Well I didn't have anything planned.  I was extremely busy and didn't have time to really sit and do science at that moment. But I knew she would not leave me alone until I had something for her.  So I dug out this easy project I have had put away for a while.

Fairy Mud (this was for each girl)
2 cups warm water
1 bar Ivory soap - microwaved
glitter of choice
1 roll of toilet paper (maybe a little more, we have the double rolls)

First the girls microwaved their Ivory soap.  This was a favorite thing to watch.

 Then they took the soap and broke it up in tubs.

 Next we poured in the warm water and started mixing it up.

Then we started adding the toilet paper and the glitter.  

 It looks like this when done mixing.
Then the girls started playing and using it like playdough.

This was great fun.  And the kitchen smelled pretty from the soap.  You can add food coloring, but I was out.  You can leave out the glitter for the boys.  I think we may do this again really soon.  We have a Frozen day I am planning for the girls and their friends.....hhhmmmmmm great activity.

Time.....about 10 minutes to make
Supplies....Easy and cheap
Fun level....Priceless!!