Thursday, December 18, 2014

Homeschool Travels - Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Claude Moore Colonial Farm is a period farm from 1771.  You step back into time.
And walk the paths that show how spread out a farm could be.  But I know it could be spread out further.
Tobacco Barn

The whole area around the tobacco barn was covered with turkey vultures.  We saw probably 50-75 turkey vultures.  They were everywhere.  A very weird sight.

 We wandered around a bit more before we started coming upon the house.

The day we visited, they did not have many on staff.  They were pining the wood or treating it.  It was a mixture of pine sap and turpentine mixed together.  The smell was horrendous!!!  They explained that it had to be done yearly to protect the wood.  
Inside the house...they were cooking beans for dinner.
The kids were abel to see sparse furnishings and cramped living conditions.
Use of every bit of space.

And the sleeping loft
The chicken coup

We were the only ones there at that time.  So the kids were able to ask lots of questions.  But they were also busy with the turpentine mixture and the smell was getting to us all, so we actually toured this fairly quickly.
Checking out the pigs napping
Lydia thought the duck and goose were going to let her touch them....yeah right!

They had a measurement poster to see who you measured up too....both the boys stand about as tall as James Madison.

If you would like to visit this Colonial History gem, make sure to check the schedule.  If there is nothing going on event wise, well you won't see much.  I am sure when they have the market open or even in the summer this is a very busy place.  We went on a Wednesday when school was in session, and there was not anything extra out.

Even though we didn't get to do a bunch of extra colonial activities, I think it was neat to see how basic life was in this time period.  Our kids have seen mid-to-late 1800s farms, and there was so much more on those as compared to life on a poor working form in the 1700s.  I would recommend a visit if you are in the area.  Very neat look at life so long ago.  Check ahead to see if the market is open so you can see even more about life pre-American Revolution.

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