Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Homeschooling with Sensory issues - Dealing with Glue

Caty has sensory issues.  Some are not bad, and we live with them.  Others I feel like they can drive me batty.  I know she is little and doesn't understand why things bother her to the extreme they do.  For years Caty has drawn on herself to the extreme.  I mean we used to hide the markers, not because she would write on the walls but because she would color her body.  She would have so much ink on her skin I was afraid they would make her sick.

As she started her special needs pre-school, she started with a glue issue.  She couldn't stand for it to be on her hands.  So liquid glue because an issue.  So we used glue sticks.  That change seemed to help her, but then she got some on her fingers and BAM....the problem was back.  She couldn't wash it off her hands enough.

Some days the issue is worse than others.  I just got to the point when we would do worksheets that needed glue, She would tell me where to put pieces and I would do the gluing for her.  It was a peaceful solution that limited meltdowns.  But I needed to come up with something so she could not think that I was going to do her work for her for the rest of her life.

One day while using some scrapbook tape for a project, it dawned on me.  Why can't we use this tape "glue" for Caty?   I know it does cost more than liquid glue and glue sticks, but we could at least try.  So a few weeks ago, I started introducing Caty to our glue runner.

This tape is great because you roll it on what you want to stick down, and it's instantaneous. There is no waiting for it to dry.  There's no dirty glue prints on the papers.  So her interactive notebook pages are not sticking together.

It has taken a few tries to make sure she is using the dispenser ok, but now that she has the hang of it, she is fine.  There is no glue sticking to her fingers.

The pages are not sticking together and I am able to put together her interactive notebooks and do not have to worry about glue drying.

The dispenser is not too big for her hands to use.

It has been easy for her to Permanent Dot Runner 4/Pkg-.31"X315"
and best of all .... No more Sticky Fingers!!!

You can purchase the Ad Tech Permanent Dot Runner 4/Pkg-.31"X315"
in the scrapbook section of your local hobby/craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  You can also buy them on Amazon:

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