Monday, December 22, 2014

Homeschool Travels - Mount Vernon

I have wanted to visit Mount Vernon for years.  We would be close to the area, and no time or ability to stop.  Even financially it could be a challenge.  Multiple tickets add up quickly there.  But I really wanted to take the kids since they have all spent time recently studying presidents or George Washington himself.  We have done the virtual tour, but sometimes it is just pretty cool to see things in person if you have the opportunity.

 The visitor center was nice.  We got there early and it was a good thing we did.   I didn't know that it was Fall School days.  Holy cow, that place got packed!

 The flower garden.  We purchased some heirloom flower seeds to plant from the Washington's gardens.

 We toured the house, no Pictures.  I was actually shocked how sparse the house was.  I was honestly expecting the Gone with the Wind grandeur.  But it was not like that.  Very nice though.  This was their kitchen area.


 The kids had a scavenger hunt that we did.  Brayden even got into this one.  He looked up the answers and made sure everyone was participating.

 Slaves quarters

 Digging around the property to protect history.

 There were two outhouses near each other.
 The lower gardens.  There was food growing here.  They were harvesting potatoes that day.

 Caty and Lydia were playing hide and seek.
 Something very cool we did while there.  We got a tour of the basement of the home.  Although I should've not done it.  Takes a lot of the magic away from the movie.
 View from the front lawn.  This is where the Birthday party was filmed, or parts of it.  Much of the movie was filmed on set and not on this property.

 Basement entrance....and again no pictures.
 The kids loved this part.  This is the Ha-Ha wall.  Their grandson was tell people from the porch that there was a wall and that is why animals were not coming by the house.  They said it was a lie.  So he said go and look.  They could fall off the side of the wall, and he would laugh at them.  The "Ha-Ha" wall was named.

 The Ice House that inspired the producers to choose to film at Mount Vernon for National Treasure.
 What the Ice House looks like inside.
 Going down by the river.

 The green area in the river is where Nicholas Cage climbed over the river edge.  He really did climb and practice shooting there.
 The grave of both President Washington and the First Lady.  They were moved here in 1831.  They were originally laid to rest in the family tomb, but later moved when this one was finished.

 This was the family tomb.
 The dung repository.

 Showing off their finished scavenger hunts.

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