Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week 29 - Michealangelo, Reading charts and Minerals

I am still on the mend.  Everything is taking so much energy.  But it's 4 against me, so I have to keep going.  I am working on planning out lessons through February right now.  We are probably going to be doing some heavy traveling the next couple months.  So I need to make sure I have my ducks in a row.   I also need to get the Homeschool with Minecraft classes uploaded for the next few months.  I ran behind last week by not being able to get things uploaded.  I also had to cancel a day of live classes, which meant I had makeup classes on Monday....a day I should've been working.

This was a picture from last week.  Joe took the kids to their last archery session and they each were given these cute medals for trying their best.

On Monday, Caty and I started another round of learning about Japan.  Her country from Little Passports last month was Japan.  This is the second time this year we learned about there.  No big deal though, Caty loves Asian culture.

Working on the origami kit that came with her envelope.

We looked up how to translate her name and then I let her use ink to paint her name in Japanese characters.

This we part of one of her Native American projects....A Nez Perce saddle emblem.
Caty watched a video from the Book of Virtues on Michaelangelo and then wanted to paint like him. She loved this project!!!

Another Native American project.  A Maidu earth home.
 Her finished home.
 Making a tipi with a brown sandwich bag and a couple pencils...this was for the Sioux Indians.

Lydia working on a history project.  She was painting a colonial self-portrait.
 Her finished portrait
The boys are in their second week of Bob Jones Science Distance Learning (online) program.  This week they learned more about minerals.

 They broke apart geodes.

 Even Brayden got in on the fun.
 They worked together to make rock candy.
 Which didn't turn out for some reason, but it formed a few crystals.  They have another project next week to make crystals using epsom salts.
 This was just Caty being silly.  She put on the goggles that came in the geode kit and ate her pizza that way.
 Lydia working on her animal research.
 Caty got really excited when she saw the new Paddington movie coming out next month.  So we started reading this aloud together.
 In Caty's science she did a very basic study of the earth, moon and stars.  When we study anything about the moon, we always do the Oreo moon phase project.  Caty picks this up and if we are out at night she always makes a comment about the moon.
 Her finished project.
 Our week finished with a bit of excitement.  I almost messed up the entire front of the van.  We were on our way to pick up Joe from the airport late on Thursday, and a deer jumped out in front of us.  The road was desserted, and I hit my brakes to slow down and swerved.  Fortunately only this much damage to the van.  Just a broken bumper, but still driveable.
 The next day the girls had riding lessons.  Right after I snapped this shot, the horses spooked.  Caty was thrown from her horse and Lydia's horse took off running.  I flew out of the observation room trying to help Lydia while the riding coach took off to help Caty.  She freaked me out for sure.  Sugar fortunately slowed down and Lydia held on tight.  She was frightened a little, but ok.  Caty had the wind knocked out of her, but wasn't hurt.  Just really sore the next day.  Great reminder why you wear a helmet at riding lessons.
 They did get back on their horses after all was settled and they reconnected well.  There were no more incidents.  Whew!
 As a treat, Caty got to play with the kittens in the stables.
 Caty had her last t-ball session as part of Special Olympics Young Athletes Program.  She can't wait to start basketball in February.

On Saturday, Lydia and I went on a Mommy/Daughter date.  We went shopping at her favorite store and just spent a couple hours together.  It was nice.  We had fun, even though I was petrified to go to the mall the Saturday before Christmas.  It was surprising not bad.  She said next time she wants to go and see a movie.  Joe and I are trying out best to spend some time with the kids individually the next couple weeks as we can.  We do spend a lot of time together as a family, so some one-on-one time will be good.

Another busy week  Next week, we only have 3 days planned and some remodeling we need to work on in the hallway.  I haven't attempted painting since I got since a couple weeks ago.  The wall border came in and I really want to get it up and finish the hallway.  The mess is starting to annoy me.

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