Friday, December 26, 2014

Most popular of 2014 - American Girl Reading Guides

I am working this next week to search for our most popular posts from 2014.  So today I am starting with our popular page of the year.

Our American Girl Page.....

On this page you will find American Girl reading guides to go along with the books for Caroline, Addy, Saige, Samantha, Nicki, Rebecca, Kirsten, and Julie.  They are easily downloadable and free.  This page was visited quite often this year, and I received lots of emails about these guides.

Check this page as we try to add more books for not only the Historical Characters, but also the Girl of the Year.  My goal is 2015 is to add some reading guides for the new Historical books from the series.

Watch next week, as I post our most popular posts of 2014.

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