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Week 30 - Navajo Fry Bread, Eating Across the US and Making Crystals

This has been one of those weeks where if I wouldn't have taken pictures or had the lessons written down, I may have forgotten what we had done.  I am confusing last week with this week, and had to make sure I wasn't remembering projects from last week and confusing them.....holy cow!

I planned schoolwork for Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday and Thursday were our days off since Daddy was off from work then.  We usually sit around and watch movies or play games.  And that is pretty much what we did.  We did do a little shopping one day, and we survived.

On Monday, Caty started our US Geography study.  We are doing both US and World Geography for the rest of the year.  We are mainly working on state locations and knowing just a little about them.  I found coloring sheets at that allow the students to coloring the state flag and a couple symbols from each state.  They seem to be just the right amount of coloring for Caty, since she hates coloring.  We started with Ohio and Indiana this week.

Our meal for Ohio- Cincinnati chili
Indiana's meal was sugar creme pie and pork tenderloin sandwiches.  Well....I am allergic to both these items.  So I made thin cut eye of round steaks with similar pork tenderloin breading.  It's gluten free.  We choice to eat with gravy and not put on bread.  One of many times I am sure I will have to adjust these state study food.
Lydia worked on addition through the thousands this week.  She did great, when she would settle down and do her work.
I found a 15 inch long pine cone at a store.  I told Caty she could decorate it with fake snow.  So we mixed shave cream and glue together.  It is so pretty now.
Lydia picked up this great craft for herself at Learning Express on our shopping excursion last weekend.  She loved it.  Of course it was an owl pillow.  She started that this week.
Here's her finished owl.

The boys continue their study about minerals, and learned about crystals this week.  Today they did a epsom salt crystal experiment.

The mixture before the fridge.
The crystals that formed within a couple hours of sitting in the fridge.
Caty finished up her study of American Indians.  This week she made Navajo bread.  This was gluten free and yummy.

 She attempted to build a Pueblo home out of graham crackers and frosting.  It collapsed.
Her final project was a beaded necklace for the Seminole Indians.

This is the book we used for her study of Native Americans in America:

Today I let her make cupcakes following the pictures instructions.  I only helped with the oven.

They turned out yummy the kids said.  They smelled good!

Lydia is working on editing/proofreading.  She is writing a story and I am working with her on adding details, writing complete sentences and proofreading.  She is working on subject and predicates in her Writing book.  She's currently using Bob Jones Grammar, which seems to be working out for her.  In History she was looking up details about the town she lives in.  My parents had bought books from our Villages Historical Society, and they lent them to us to go through.  Lydia thought it was cool that one of our relatives was one of the first settlers to move to McClure.  We also learned that the town paperwork said "Farmersville" was going to be the name, but some said it should be named after the person doing all the paperwork.  So the paperwork for the town was named "McClure" instead of "Farmersville".  She also learned that her great-great-grandfather was the town marshal.

This is a picture of the original cabin of the person who is credited for filing the paperwork for our town.

She was happy that her science chapter was on animals this week.  Turned out to be refresher about carnivores/herbivores and omnivores.  But it was different for her.

We are going to take next week off.  Probably do some puzzles and new board games we got a couple weeks ago.  Daddy is off all next week, so that is pretty exciting.  The girls do have a special party to go to on Monday.  They are excited.

I need to get things ready for our next road trip.  I need to make sure I have our lesson plans made through the middle of February since we will be traveling to Dallas, Minneapolis and back to Madison, Wisconsin.  Joe and I are making plans along the way.  So next week will be a work week for me as I try to upload classes for January to our Homeschool with Minecraft server and get lesson plans ready, and may even do a little packing.

Hope everyone had a great week and has a great week next week.

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