Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 27 - More National Landmarks, Colonial Crafts, 70s Art and New curriculum

Well we made some slight adjustments in curriculum.  Joey and Caty needed new science and grammar curriculum.  Neither were liking what they were using.  Caty is running out of Magic School Bus episodes....she has watched and learned about almost all of them now.  So she will be starting in Bob Jones Science next week. (This week we combined geography and science while studying the rainforest.)  We'll see how she likes it.  Lydia doesn't like her science book, so I was going to have her start A beka science, but go figure...I lost the book.  I haven't given up though.  It's in this house somewhere!

In the meantime, Joey is starting Bob Jones science curriculum soon (It's in the mail) and I am going to let Lydia do some mom created unit studies until her new textbook comes in.  She wants to learn about Pandas, work on a horse project for 4H and also her sea turtle project for 4H.

Joey and Lydia both will be starting Bob Jones grammar.  I bought older copies of both programs to have them try it.  We haven't used much Bob Jones before, but I like their history.  Both Lydia and Caty started their respective grade levels in their history books last week.  I like the material is short and I can add in areas that I would like to add information in.  Joey has been using Bob Jones history for a couple months now and it's working well for him.  I will be switching them all over to it soon.  Just trying to figure out what level I am going to be putting Brayden in.

Tuesday we met some friends at a local theater and saw the new Penguins of Madagascar movie.  It was great. The kids love taking these little times off and going there.  We were all there, but they all didn't want to be in the picture.

We got our first round of postcards in a postcard swap we are participating in.  So we read through those and we are deciding where to hang our postcards this round.  We also found the locations on our wall maps.  The girls thought these that we got from Australia were great.

In our study of Brazil this week we learned about the rainforest and some facts about Brazil.  And we built a rainforest model.  I was hoping that Lydia would forget about this project we done a few years ago.  But nope, she reminded

We worked on their My Country study worksheets.

They watched this video on a well known landmark in Rio:

This video shows various angles:

And we learned a little about this famous citizen:

For our International meal, I made Brazilian meat crepes.  They were tasty, but our picky eaters thought they were ok.  After all, there were carrots in the meat mixture.  I have two that refuse to eat carrots, one who is a borderline vegetarian, and one who will not eat meat and carrots mixed.  Needless to say cooking in our house can be an experience.

 The rainforest video they watched had a butterfly craft the girls just HAD to  So we pulled out supplies from the closet and they got building.  Caty is decorated her chrysalis.   
 Lydia got hers done.
 Making her butterfly emerge from it's protective shell.

In our National Landmark study, we learned a little more about places we have recently visited:

 They did coin rubbings of Nickels, quarters and pennies.

 We made our own "Mount Rushmore" designs.  After they learned that Mount Rushmore was designed around important people in the history of America.  We decided to make ours around people that are important in our history, those who taught us our faith.

Caty made this simple Mochi recipe...again.  She likes it.  Very easy for her to mix and make.

We are not doing the historical aspect of the American Girl Books right now.  This month is the last 3 books of Julie.  So we are doing crafts from the 70s this month.  The girls are learning how to latch hook and this week they started an on-going project of string art.

In her Bible studies this week, Caty and I learned more about Abraham and Sarah.  With some help (I had to use the glue gun), she created a tent for Abraham and Sarah.

 Lydia's history book had a weaving craft this week, so I pulled out this treasure that we collected during all of our travels. She's slowing working on this project.  She seemed to really like it.

We are also doing some remodeling in the house.  Yeah...I wasn't busy enough.  We are doing some painting, rearranging and decluttering.  These two begged to help.  Let's just say, it didn't end up pretty and I may have to retile the  But they are having fun helping.

 Lydia had her first bball and cheerleading practice this week.  The '14-'15 season will be opening soon.

Off to another busy week....Hope you all had a great week!

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  1. Looks like a very nice {and very full!} week. :)