Friday, December 12, 2014

Homeschool Travels - Fords Theater

Our DC Adventures took us all over the area.  One day we walked from the National Archives to Ford's Theater.

This is Lydia and Joe by the FBI building....

He had to take a rest.  It was a long day.  He struggled a bit on the steps so we rested a second.

The Presidential box.
You can see the difference because of the "Presidential Seal" that is displayed.
The Presidential seal that was displayed at that time was actually a picture of President Washington.  

This is the home directly across the street where President Lincoln died.  Just an average citizen who heard the commotion.
The line for that was longer than we could wait.  Plus the kids were freaked out by an incident of a homeless man screaming profanities at us outside the Ford Theater.  A gentleman in our line of ticket holders got into an argument with him then and they had to call the police.  As we were leaving, he was being arrested.

I have to say KUDOS to the security staff at the Fords Theater.  They handled the situation so well.  The kids saw that and it put my mind at ease.  Because the situation in front was a little scary.  

The admission is Free, but you do need to reserve specific times.  So look ahead of time for ticket times available.  The theater is well-maintained.  And the Volunteer was very knowledgeable.
This was another piece of American History we have been able to mark off our traveling bucket list.  If you are in DC, a trip to Ford's Theater is a great stop.  Plan to spend about 2 hours between the theater and the home.

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