Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week 28 - The One Where Mom is Really Sick

I had all of these well laid plans.  I knew each day what I had to get done, not just what I wanted to get done, the things that HAD to get done.  We had another trip scheduled for next week and I am balancing work, school and renovating the house together right now.

And then BAM!  I wake up Monday morning with a sinus infection.  Ugh....I made it through the day.  We managed to get our schoolwork finished, but none of the other extra projects or the trip to finish getting the extra paint that I needed.  When we were done I crashed on the couch and Joey and I watched Sergeant York to go with his World War I history unit.  I up at 1 am on Tuesday unable to stand up.  I was in bad shape.  I was sick, but not "sick".  I felt dehydrated and had a migraine.   Then I had trouble breathing and my chest hurt and was on fire.  After an ambulance ride and ER visit, the doctor said I developed bronchitis.  Yet I hardly was coughing, just really congested.  So I have been spending this week trying to recover from this weird virus.  That means the kids got two days off from school, and all activities that required mom to take them were cancelled.

By Thursday, I had to do school with the kids.  They were so lost from being allowed to just play games all day, I about lost my mind on Wednesday.  They fought and threw tantrums.  It was horrible.  So we finished up our week, and I was very grateful that because of our previously busy schedule I had only planned 3 full-days.

This was the boys first week of starting Bob Jones Distance Learning.  I signed them up to use their Science program.  Well, I signed up Joey, but I'm testing Brayden to see if he can handle the workload.  They just started and I am missing a required textbook yet.  So we'll be going a little on the slow side until I have everything that they need.  I really like the Bob Jones textbooks we are using, so I am sure we are going to like this program.  Plus it's going to help me with my workload and teaching four different levels.

I have lots of painting help, not enough cleaning help though.

 No energy for extra art projects this week, so I pulled this out for Caty.  It's our "travel art school".  We can learn about art when we are on the road with me needing to drag a ton of art supplies with  Great early book for littles.  I need to order the next art coloring book from Usborne.

There are stickers you can add to most of the pages as you decorate with similar style as that artist.  I love this book!

In History, Caty is learning about the Native Americans of North America...on her 1st grade level of course.  This week she learned about the Inuit and the Northwest Coast tribes.

For the Inuit, she created their winter home...aka an igloo.

Lydia had to try and build one, even though it wasn't on her schedule.
Caty's finished igloo.  I highly recommend to use sugar cubes.  This was fun, but frustrating for the girls to build. 

Monday afternoon, the girls got out one of their favorite fighting games, No Stress  They played quietly for a little while.

 And then I got really sick and didn't get off the couch for two days.  The girls had been learning about Brazil for World Travelers Club, but we couldn't go yet again because I was sick.  They had picked out costumes to wear.  Caty had been dying to wear hers.  So she wore it while we did schoolwork on Thursday.  She loves rainbows and this was perfect for her.

 She made a picture to-do list for herself and Lydia to get done that day.
 We reviewed some of her word families this week.  She is putting together her word family book here.
 The boys working in my work area on their science class.
 Caty watching a video on the Inuit while working on her igloo some more.  She had to build on it all week because glue and marshmallows need time to dry.
 She also learned about the Northwest Coast tribes.  So she made a totem pole.  I printed some animal pictures for her to use.
 The eagle is for power, tiger is agility, flamingo is beauty and elephant for strength.  She also loves all these animals.  So this is a totem pole about Caty.

Our trip next week is now cancelled, at least for us.  I made some adjustments to our schedule to take that into account.  It'll give us some time to get used to the new Bob Jones Science program that the boys will be using.  Between using A+ Tutorsoft Math and this program for science, hopefully this will take some pressure off of myself during school time.

Brayden is continuing his way through the American Presidents.  And Joey finished up his study of World War I this week.  We watched Sergeant York and All Quiet on the Western Front.  He didn't enjoy the first, but did the second.  It was a great addition to our study unit.  I wish we would've watched it sooner in the unit, but it worked out as a great wrap-up.  Both boys are doing really well with their math in A+ Tutorsoft.  I love hearing, "Hey Mom, I got them all right!" or "Hey Mom!  Check out my score!"  So I think we are on the right track with them.  Whoohoo!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  Keep an eye on our blog, and I am working on some gradual changes for the new year!  I can't wait to see what comes of it.

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  1. I do hope you are feeling better! Looks like a nice week, nonetheless.