Monday, January 19, 2015

Homeschool Travels - National Geographic Museum

I was so very excited to get a chance to visit the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC.  I have looked at and read National Geographic magazines for years.  The pictures and historical articles are so wonderful...for this history geek.  But what I was expecting was not what was there.

The National Geographic Museum was broken down into 3 sections.  During our visit, there was an exhibit on food, a dinosaur exhibit and a Mars rover replica.  I was fully expecting some sort of an exhibit of the history of National Geographic Magazine.  Or an exhibit on unused photos, something cool like that.  But alas, that was where my disappointment laid.

I will tell you the Food exhibit was very interesting.  It really laid out how much waste we as Americans have, and how other countries are able to overcome that.  And it also pointed how this waste is causing issues with other countries and their residents struggling just to survive.  I was impressed with the pointing to GMO products and not giving them a positive spin.

Cassava root

Are you as big as the biggest cod caught?

Types of potatoes
Square watermelons.  There is a farm near us that grows pumpkins like this.  This is a farm in California.
Different types of peppers
Oyster farm model
Food market model

New types of farming explored.  This is meant to be done in a city area, but not detract from a "Modern" look.
Smelling new scents.
Cooking pots from around the world.

Learning international cooking with an interactive display

Cookbooks from around the world.
More cooking pots

This is the amount of food that the average family of 4 throws away each year.
Dining room display from around the world.

Cake molds

Fossil cast of a bone.

Recreated head from bones.

She was in awe of the size.

And of course making a penny...

This was a nice couple hours.  But in my opinion not worth the admission charge.  Maybe we have been to too many museums and we are spoiled.  But I would recommend putting this museum low on your list of things to do in Washington DC.  Definitely others that should be explored first.

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