Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 33 - Life on the Road .....

We are on the first week of an extended trip.  The next couple weeks we will be in the Dallas area.  We are balancing school, exploring and my work schedule...oh and dad's work times.  There are some fun things to do around Dallas, but we really are getting bored with nature/science museums.  So I am taking it easy with the kids on what we visit.  Trying to make wherever we go a more unique experience we haven't done yet.   Here is the curriculum suitcase getting unpacked.  I planned out all their schoolwork for the next 8 weeks, and made sure to have all worksheets, workbooks and books/project stuff with us.
 Caty working on her reading program ... Looney Toons Click N Read Phonics.
 Lydia is learning about rocks/minerals in science right now.  She re-created 3 types of rocks using a Snickers bar.
 Igneous Rock (microwaved a snickers bar for 30 seconds.  That was pretty cool to watch.)

 The metamorphic is on the left.  She smashed it for extreme pressure.
 One day we visited the Ross Perot Nature/Science Center.  That was very cool.  We didn't see the whole thing even.  Hope to go back next week.  (I am posing next to the first
 They had the biggest geode I have ever seen.  You could open it and close it.
 Skypeing with her cousin and playing Minecraft.
 The boys are finishing up their science unit on rocks & minerals.  They were not grasping types of rocks.  So I had them do the Snickers thing too.  They thought that was cool.
 Working on their science with them.

 We also visited the Dallas Museum of Art.
We went to Fort Worth yesterday and went to the Cowgirl Museum and the Fort Worth Museum.  We were not overly impressed with the cowgirl museum, but the kids really liked the Fort Worth Museum.  So much to see and lots of science activities.

Brayden is still working his way through the presidents.  Joey seems to be enjoying reading the Percy Jackson books right now.  I had to take Brayden back to reading Magic Tree House books for his comprehension activities.  He was struggling a bit in the higher chapter books I had picked for his age level.  No big deal though.

Lydia and Caty joined in with our local group to share poems with each other through the mail.  We bought the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and watched it with the kids this week.  Lydia wanted to write a poem about candy.  So I helped her put her thoughts on paper.  Then I copied the poem for her to mail to the group.  We also mailed about a huge pile of post cards to our friends from Oklahoma and a few from Texas.

Today we are chilling out.  I am working and then we are going to see Paddington the Bear movie.  The kids are all excited about that.  I will have to admit, I am too.   Lydia and I went to Barnes and Noble for some poetry books.  We found some cute ones so the boys can join us also.  We are going to try and sit and read them together once a week.

Tomorrow we getting to visit some relatives that live near here and go to the Fort Worth Zoo.  Then on Sunday we are making a road trip to San Antonio.  We are very excited.

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