Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekend at Mount Rushmore

Our kids have been wanting to go and see Mount Rushmore for several years now.  Joey has asked and asked.  We have been contemplating how to go.  I mean it would make a great family rooooooad trip (extra o's because of the length of the drive...lol).  Well an opportunity presented itself on this recent trip, and though we definitely drove out of our way, it was so worth it.

 The walk of flags.  They have all the state flags hanging as you walk up.  The kids were finding all the states we have visited.
 It was at sunset.  So pretty.
 Joey touching the top of George Washington's head.
 The lights were coming on.

 It was warm, but there was still snow piles.  So of course, Caty had to play in the snow.
 The next morning we got up to walk the Presidential Trail

 Such a beautiful walk.  Lots of stairs, so a tad exhausting
 One of the compressors that provided power for the drills on the mountain

 Some ways they maintain the monument.

Dynamite demonstration

This was such a great experience.  The kids were so excited!!!

Most of the touristy stuff was closed because of winter.  But if the weather is appearing nice, I highly recommend going then.  There was maybe 20 people there both Friday night and Saturday morning.  We had the park almost to ourselves.  It was wonderful!!!

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