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Math is not a favorite subject in our house.  We definitely need to use an online program, because math curriculum that centers around book work does not work for 3 out of our 4 kids.  I also need something that makes my planning easy.  Homeschooling four different grade levels makes it a challenge to plan and get everything done.  I have come to the conclusion that I need the extra help.  So I was excited to get an opportunity for the kids to try GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN

GPALOVEMATH is an online math program that brings a little more fun into learning math.  It is a multi-level program for students in levels K - 5 math.  It provides 150 lessons and over 10,000 practice problems per grade level.  It is meant to offer supplemental help, and build communication between educators, parents and the student.  The animated coaches help guide students through each level of work with fun questions and encouragement.  There is also a motivation system in place for students to receive a pre-chosen award/reward for their hard work.  So the goal of GPALOVEMATH is definitely to make learning math more fun.

We have been using GPALOVEMATH for a few weeks now, and the girls are enjoying the lessons.  I like that they are well - explained.  On Caty's early level, they have fun word puzzles that the kids can guess as they are proceeding through the lesson.  

The kids get feedback and encouragement at the end of each lesson.  I get an email also letting me know that the lesson is finished.  I can print these for their portfolios or just glance to make sure Lydia actually did her work.  

Lydia completed a lesson!

Hey Renita,
Lydia has just completed a lesson about Skip Counting and Repeated Addition.
Lesson Quick Summary
Date and time started:[02/09/2015] 12:16 PM
Date and time completed:[02/09/2015] 12:45 PM
How long did it take?
(Minutes & Seconds)
14 correct out of 15
Badge : Rock Star
At any time, you can always audit the lesson to have an engaging chat with Lydia.
Love Learning,
Great Parents Academy

Caty completed a lesson!

Hey Renita,
Caty has just completed a lesson about Order Length.
Lesson Quick Summary
Date and time started:[03/16/2015] 10:15 AM
Date and time completed:[03/16/2015] 10:28 AM
How long did it take?
(Minutes & Seconds)
7 correct out of 10
Badge: Nice Job
At any time, you can always audit the lesson to have an engaging chat with Caty.
Love Learning,

Each lesson a child finishes, they earn points toward a pre-set reward or privilege that you have designated.  It could be as simple as an extra late bedtime to actually earning tangible items like sweet treats or even other items.  The nice thing with the reward system that is set up in GPALOVEMATH, I don't have to remember to put a sticker on a poster.  The kids can see their progress in earning the reward.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have benefited from the girls desire to cook more lunches in exchange for them doing their  Hey, whatever works!

We actually have been using GPALOVEMATH on alternate days along with the girls other math.  It gives them a fun break between lessons, but keeps them on a learning track.  It's different than turning them lose on other educational game platforms.  It encourages children to really look at their math problems and follow a system that helps them to solve and get the answers correct.  The STAR approach that is taught early, can continue to help students as they progress through higher levels of math. 

The one thing that the girls did not like, was the voices.  They loved the characters, but the computer voices are noticeable especially if we are having lag in our internet at the time. The lessons have been a reasonable length, with a little standing time while they are watching lessons. But at least when they are having tougher moments, the time it takes them to finish a lesson doesn't count against them to earn their reward points.  

The program is easy to control from my parent's dashboard.  I can type messages to the girls.  I really wish that I could open up different lessons for them, or assign them to them.  For example, Caty has opened up to lessons on reading and writing numbers to 120 in her one color level.  Yet she is struggling to read, so she is getting frustrated in this area.  She can't advance in that color level until she makes her way through those.  So we are working on other color levels.  It would also be nice to be able to assign work that goes along with their other math program.  But we are working through other lessons that we worked on before.  

The cost is $129 for a year long subscription for all levels, per child.  You can use the promo code GPAINTRO15, it's regularly $149.99.  You can also choose a monthly subscriptions at $12.99 per month per child.

GPALOVEMATH is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and Galaxy Tab on a variety of browsers.

We will continue using GPALOVEMATH with all the kids.  We are making progress in math, and I like the tracking that I can do through the Dashboard.  This has become a great asset with our homeschooling.  

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