Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 42 - 4H Season has started and DC again

We are on the road again. This time for 4 weeks, give or take a few.  We have a larger, extended stay suite.  It's a new one for the kids.  It's a 2-floor loft suite.  The girls claimed the upper level.  Joe and I get a real bedroom.  So it's working out great.  There's even an oven!!  I got them breakfast out one morning this week, and it was a day we went to the museum.  I was running late and didn't take the time to make everyone food to eat.  I think that is a great record for the way we used to eat.  And I had a rough week physically, so every meal was a mind -over-body battle for me.

This is looking down at the guys from the loft.

 There was a lot of work getting started on their 4H projects.  Lydia has almost finished one of her books, Shopping for Less.  This week she started Horseless Horse, Zoology 1, and Snack Attack.  She is also doing Sewing for Fun.

Here she is making the yogurt parfait for one of her recipes.  She said it was really good.  She even made it for Joe one morning.

1 small cup of blueberry or cherry Chobani Greek yogurt
1 handful of fresh blueberries
1 handful of crushed cereal.  (She used Frosted Flakes which are her favorite.)
Mix together and enjoy.

 Caty is working on art with her Usborne coloring book and also Creative Gallary on Amazon Prime.  This week her project was to do photography.  She was to find the letters of her name and take photos of them.  Then we will print and make a name collage with them.  But this is her with her flower vase coloring.
 The girls on their Live poetry class on
 The basketball court is right outside our building.  The front desk had a really bad ball, but it worked.

 We saw this bowl in the front lobby.  Those are small slices of wood epoxied to a bowl.  They are sanded smooth.  It is so pretty.
 We started our new therapy games this week.  First is Mad Dragons to learn how to control our anger.  The other is called Consequences, to show we need to learn to deal with our actions.
 Caty got My Little Pony Monopoly from Grandpa and Grandma as a gift last week.  So we were playing a round...or two.
I am hoping that this game helps both the girls with math skills.
 Another of Caty's gifts from us was a Lite Brite. They had a massive one the girls played with in Texas.  Caty loved it.  This is different than the ones from when I was little. She loves it.  It even flashes.  The pegs are different too.
 Still playing it.  It went great with her art lesson on pointillism through Creative Galaxy.
I didn't bring paint on this trip.  But I helped her get her lines drawn (to avoid her frustration) to make her own pointillism project.  Then she started.
Her finished pointillism project.....
 Lydia still working on her mod class.  I think she is making progress.  I'll be sitting down with her more often on this.
 Joey working on (watch for the upcoming review).
 Brayden actually doing his work!!
 One of her 4H activities in Shopping for Less is to examine a piece of clothing to check its quality.  She checked one of Joe's recently bought Underarmour polo shirts.  It passed the quality check. (I hope so for the cost of their clothes!)

 Then we went shopping at Kohls for pants for daddy.  She already decided what she wanted to buy for her project, a new sundress.  She had $20.00 to spend.  She went over with tax, which was kind of my fault to forget to figure in.  Here she is comparing scarfs.
 We ended up buying a new basketball.  Lydia loves it.
 Joey received Pokemon Monopoly as a gift last week.  He loves it!!!  Wants to play all the time.
 Being silly in Target.
 Using his WiiU to do research on the state of California for geography.
 We explored two museums this week.  We went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.
 Lydia is practicing taking photos for her upcoming photography class.

And also the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum by Dulles Airport

The boys both started their 4H health programs.  So I am trying to ideas at them for their project boards, just to get them to think about it.  Joey is working on money in math.  Adding and subtracting money (figuring change) is a challenge for him.  We will be starting more budgeting work with him in the next couple months.  I am going to have him start using a mock checkbook too.

Brayden is still working on fractions, but can't seem to remember all the steps.  So we will just keep chugging along, and I will probably make him a "cheat" sheet to use when answering his problems.

Gonna have somewhat of a relaxing weekend.  Visit to the bookstore, maybe some mini-golf, and some movies & board games.  Have big plans for next weekend.

It was a tough school week.  The kids fought about doing anything.  They also fought with each other.  So it was a challenge.  Too much drama.  But we will survive.  Looking forward to starting another week!

Hope everyone had a great week!

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  1. We're in prime 4-H season, too! I love it! It's fun to see what other kids are doing for projects :)