Monday, March 16, 2015

Homeschool Travels - Fort Worth Zoo

We have visited many zoos around the country.  We truly enjoyed the Fort Worth Zoo.  We were able to meet up with family that live in the area and we enjoyed the day together.  I honestly wasn't expecting the zoo to keep us busy that long, but it was an all day event.  We were all exhausted, but it was worth it.

Here's some pictures from our adventures:

 Caty checking out the meerkats.
 Playing in the Hurricane machine with their cousins.
 Lydia's favorite...the giraffes

 We were truly enjoying the 70 degree weather was January after all.
 Ok...this was my favorite!!!!  The tiger was right by us.

 Largest hailstone in Texas....that looks pretty deadly.
 Checking out the prairie dog home
 Why yes....the kids were thrilled to see the deer poop in front of them.

 Love the breath on the window.

 I HATE snakes....but this was the coolest thing ever.  We got to watch this boa climb up the tree.  We were watching the muscles up close.

This zoo is worth a visit.  It was beautiful.  The path was a little long, with few exits, but it was still fun.

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