Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 41 - The Science of Flowers, being a Savvy Shopper, Solar Systems and Sewing

That is a mouth full of S activities this week....

It was a science filled weekend.  The girls earned their Fetch with Ruff GS badge.  One of their friends came over on Sunday afternoon and they played and did science experiments all afternoon.

They built cup towers (and this isn't as tall as Caty got hers.  I didn't get a picture before her brother knocked it down.)

They made snowstorms in jars.

They created a marble run.

They experimented with different types of bird "beaks".

They made fairy mud and then they all decided to make polar bear caves.

They were busy and had fun.

I think Caty was feeling anxiety over reading again.  She wants to read, but struggles.  We are reviewing the reading program from Memoria Press, so Caty is reviewing her earlier reading and working forward to see if she improves.

They dissected daisies for a science project.  We read information about the parts of the daisy here.

Lydia also asked to make a model of the solar system.  I cheated and bought a kit....reality is I just plain didn't have time to "make our own"  So she spent the week painting and assembling this also.  It went along with our lessons for last week with Ruff the Dog.  

This week the girls started an online Poetry class on Currclick.  They enjoyed their first week and learned about Acrostic poems.  They both wrote a poem and then Lydia made a poem to send out to our poetry club.  She is learning how to use PicMonkey (she is starting a photography class next week also).  We used a list of adjectives that we found at Enchanted Learning to help the kiddos.

Both girls did a refresher on our wants and needs.  Caty also looked at what the differences between goods and services were.  She told me she wants to be an artist when she grows up.  Lydia is working on her 4H Shopping for Less project, as well as her Girl Scout Savvy Shopper badge.  

Lydia started a new art curriculum we are reviewing for Artistic Pursuits.  She enjoyed the first lesson.  Watch for our review next month.

Caty has been watching an art show in Amazon and loves it.  So this week she watched an episode on making a 3D card.  So I doubled checked the directions here, and she made a special card for her grandparents.

This was the week to start 4H projects.  Prep for the upcoming State and County Fair season has begun.  We didn't get a chance to do projects last year, so the girls are missing out on that fun.  Lydia has decided on 5 projects, and the boys are taking a couple a piece.  I let Lydia choose for the most part, with some kind reminders why certain projects would not be a good idea.  The project she started getting under way this week was Sew Fun.  She made a pin cushion and also practiced her various stitching styles using a sewing machine.

The boys continued watching How the States got their Shapes this week.  They seem to be enjoying it.  I like learning all the tidbits of obscure history too.  I started making reading questions to go along with them.  I have Episodes 5 & 6 uploaded to our Page.

Joey did really well on his math this week.  He is working on money currently.  He kept telling me he didn't know the answers, and yet he could give almost all of them to me.  So we will just keep chugging along and see how he does.

Joey and Brayden both took an easy science week this week.  I let them read a Magic School Bus Science Chapter book as a "vacation".  Joey will be starting his 4H project on electricity, so that will cover his science for a few weeks.

The kids spent plenty of time playing Minecraft this week.  Our yard was extremely wet and under water, so they didn't go out and play much.  The boys though rarely go out to "play".  They did have a friend over for lunch on Thursday and spent time with her.  Caty was very happy to have two friends over to visit in one week.

We are prepping for our big family Anniversary party this weekend.  We include the kids in our anniversary celebration, and celebrate the start of our family.  My parents and brother and sister-in-law share close anniversaries.  So we have a huge family party.  It's a little earlier than normal this year.  The kids were chomping at the bit to go to Grandpa and Grandma's.

The cat cake that Lydia and I made for the party....and yes that is cat poo made from fondant.  She needed help with the fondant because it was rather hard for her to roll it out.
 She was sooooo thrilled with the Doctor Who items she got.  She also got some Dr. Who building sets, and a Tardis blanket.
 A starter race track for Brayden.  If he does well on this...maybe he'll get a Mario Race track next year.
 Joey got an AT-TE lego set.  You can tell how excited he was.
 The boys were so excited!  They got a WiiU and a bunch of games,

 Lots of horse stuff today...she got a huge start to her Breyer Horse collection too.
 She got a robotic dog.
Someone got her very own Nintendo 2DS with a bunch of cooking Mama games.

Brayden relaxing a bit with Grandpa.
So it was a busy week, but fun.  Heading off on another trip next week.  DC bound again.

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  1. Just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. We have used Memoria Press' curriculum for K-4th and it works well for us.