Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Homeschool Travels - Museum of Osteology - Oklahoma City

On a recent trip to Oklahoma City, we had the opportunity to visit a very unique museum.  We visited the Museum of Osteology.  I wasn't really sure what to expect.  But we headed out on that nice day to check this out.
 I really wasn't sure when in the lobby there is an exhibit of maggots cleaning a dog skull.  The kids thought this was cool and gross all at the same time.  Actually it was very interesting display.

 We entered a large open room that was displaying skulls and full skeletons.  It was like visiting a non-overwhelming natural history museum.






On their website, the museum has a scavenger hunt by grade levels.  So I printed these and had the kids work on them.

 Aquatic skeletons
 Sea turtles


 Giraffe head

 Very small skulls also...smallest armadillo

This was an absolutely cool museum to visit.  I highly recommend stopping by the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City.  It is one of a kind.  The amount of species represented was amazing.  I was very impressed.  Also if you go, be sure to print the educational activities ahead of time.  We went on an afternoon and had the museum to ourselves.  It was nice.

Watch for more of our adventures.....

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  1. What a neat looking place! Thanks for sharing!