Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 44 - Loving Chickens, The Ten Commandments and it's Electricity

It was a pretty low-key week.  Just school and work.  I did get some cooking done this week for a few yummy dinners.

Never made lamb chops before.  They were not bad.
 Chicken salad wrap I made for myself for lunch one day.
 Steak wraps with asparagus & Carrots and served topped with chevre.  Yummy!!

So we worked on schoolwork, watched movies and the girls played basketball with Joe a couple times.  I have been having horrible upper back troubles, so shooting baskets was tough.

In our school work this week......

Miss Caty has been learning about chickens this week to go along with her 4H Cloverbuds group project.  This week she watched a few videos, including Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk.  We also watched a video of chickens hatching and this video from Australia about the difference in eggs and a look at a chicken farm there.

In poetry class she learned about haikus and this is the poem she came up with.  Goes with chickens and

We read a book about the chicken life cycle and how we get eggs....

 And then she created a model of the chicken life cycle from Model Magic.

We also read
After she finished her models, she realized the picture I showed her to create off of was a set we could buy.  She asked me, "Why didn't we just buy it?"  I responded, "Would that have been as much fun?"  She admitted that it would not have been.

She is working hard on her Pinewood Derby car. (and yes, we are doing all this from our hotel room!!)

The Frozen Wonder is still a work in progress....she is working on more details she says.  I guess we'll wait and see.

Joey has been working on his 4H Electricity book.  He is working on the Magic of Electricity 1.  This week it was more circuit work.  We learned more about batteries this week.  This is one video he watched.

We bought this Electricity Discovery Kit from Amazon to do his experiments with.  I highly recommend this, because we tried to get the pieces by ordering them and it was a pain.  Everything we needed has been in this kit.

This week he looked at a flashlight and how the parts work together.
 Actually ripped it apart to see all the connections.

 Working on circuits with daddy.

He has one more week of circuit work.  Next week he starts on magnets.

He is doing really well with recognizing coins and adding them, mostly in his head.  He still is struggling with subtractions, so instead of him getting frustrated he is using a calculator.  I think when we get home, we will use our play money to do some practice exercises.  This is a huge thing for Joey.  He has struggled with adding and counting money for a while.

 Lydia had a week continuing her money unit in Math.  She has picked it up really well on paper, so now it's time for real world experience like Joey is getting.

She also had a full week of 4H projects.   In her Snack Attack she looked at dairy.  She is checking the nutrition label on our milk.
 She made homemade tortilla chips (with flour shells)...and made nachos for the other kids for lunch.

 For Joey...

 She worked hard on her Pinewood Derby car...

 The Ruby Twister is on its way...still working on it.
 Brayden learned about atoms this week.  He made a few models of atoms.  I don't think he totally grasps this, but he at least knows the terms if he hears them.
 In Bible study we learned about the Ten Commandments this week.  The kids made their own clay tablets.
 And then we learned about the golden calf.  I showed them how easy it is to make an image to see by using candy.  They made candy molds.
 They loved it and it was easy to do...15 minutes.

 But then it all easily disappeared as they ate.  Or could be remelted again.  We then talked about how God is forever, and images are only temporary.  They can be lost and destroyed.

We had a fairly good week.  Some ups and downs, which are pretty normal in our lives.  Joey is very sensitive to certain foods and he got a little too much corn products one day so he melted a lot.

I did get the kids on April Fools Day.  Joe tied their shoe laces together.  I changed out their snacks and made them "fake scrambled eggs" for breakfast.  I have one more trick to play on them, but didn't finish in time that day.  So going to pull it on them still, just a few days late.  I love food pranks on them.

Joey hates scrambled eggs, so I diced up frozen waffles and sauteed with bacon bits and put his Diya cheese on it.  He thought I was serving him scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon.  He was freaked out.  But he loved this new combination.

I hope everyone had a nice week.

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