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Family Math Packages Review from A+ Interactive Math Tutorsoft, Inc.

Like most of our readers, we have a very busy life.  I have been searching for an online math program that will help me teach our kids their math lessons.  I need something that shows the kids the steps in solving problems or explains visually how to solve a problem.  With 4 different math levels, I am stretched thin everyday.   I think I may have found the answer to my search.  We recently had the opportunity to review 4 different grade levels of the Family Math Package from  A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc.  

There are so many ways to use A+Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc.  They offer an online option from 1st grade level through 12th grade.  You can purchase their software in cd-rom format, in which you do not need an internet connection.  They also offer an Adaptive Placement Test and Lesson Plan to help your children catch up in areas where they may be deficient.  

The Family Math Package offered is very flexible for those with multiple children they are either homeschooling or seeking extra help with.  You are given discounts for have multiple students and you can easily change grade levels if your student is struggling and needs to go back a grade or if they are farther advanced than you thought and they need to go up a grade level.  

As most of you may know, my kiddos all have very short attention spans.  So I needed a program that explained technique and showed them how to solve the problems in a short amount of time.  Currently we are using Grade levels for 1st, 3rd (2 students in this level) and 4th grade.  

The lessons are a great length, usually around 5 minutes of visual explanation.  There are no distracting characters, which really bother Joey.  After the lesson, there are between 8 - 15 review questions for students to answer.  But even though we use the online option, the Family Math Package also offers free printables for the kids to practice the skills they are learning.  So I may be moving around between students while they are watching the lessons, but I can really watch them when they are working on the printable lesson that I assign the next day.  I can also use the worksheet generators to make additional worksheets since we work on mastery for most math skills.

Each section offers an online, graded quiz/test at the end of the section.  The kids were struggling with sitting for the full test, so I am able to print those also and the kids can split up completing the test over certain times during 1 day or over 2 days.  

I like that I can switch around sections easily.  I am not locked into a set order to finish the lessons.  I saw that Lydia needed extra help with money, so I was able to easily assign her to start the section on Money ahead of another section so that she could work on it more. I can easily check and make sure the kids have completed a section.  The lesson plans are easy to follow even if you do them "Out of order".

The online Family Math Package works out great for us since we travel so much.  I do not need to pack a math book/workbook for each one of the kids.  We do need internet to access our lessons, but that is usually not a problem for us when we are on the road.   

The kids like the length of the lessons and that they are able to understand them.  In fact, most days I have to ask repeatedly, "Did you finish your math already?"  They usually hop on their laptops and have their math lesson done quickly.  If they are struggling though, I really like that they can watch the lesson again and we have worksheets that can be printed to help out.

They also like the printable certificates that they can print at the end of each lesson showing how many questions they got right.

I would also like to add that their customer service is WONDERFUL!  We had a site problem during the review period.  My husband contacted them because I was really busy, and he volunteered.  His email is not associated with our account, and he did not even mention our account email in his contact with Customer Service.  They got back to him right away.  I was very happy to see that they go above and beyond to make sure their their customers are happy and their questions answered!

We have enjoyed using Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc.  so much, that we have already purchased the Family Math Package for the next year so that the children can continue improving in their math skills.  My next step, since Joey struggles in this area so much is to have him take the Adaptive Placement Test and Lesson Plan so that we can help him continue to reach his goal of catching up near his grade level.

I have recommended Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc. to all my friends and I also recommend it to all our friends who are reading our blog also.  Stop by their website and see all that they have to offer.  Even if you do not "homeschool" A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc has something to offer all students to help them strengthen their math skills.  

A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc offers several ways to try out their program before you pay, to make sure it is a right fit for your family.  Just a few products that they offer include:

They are offering a special sale on their Family Math Package or Adaptive Placement Test and Lesson Plan from 5/4/15 to 5/18/15 they are running a 40-50% off sale.  So take some time to visit the A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc. site.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out either the Family Math Package or Adaptive Placement Test and Lesson Plan from A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc.  Take some time to visit the blog and see how they have used these products in their homes and how it may or may not have worked out for them.

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