Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 47 & 48 - 4H Presentations, Derby Time and Living History

So I am having a rough time keeping up.  I am trying to spring clean the house.  Several trips to Goodwill later, and still barely making a dent.  I also was helping the girls get ready for their Pinewood Derby, two of the 4 kids had presentations to do at 4H, and 3 of the 4 had presentations at a Living History Wax Museum Event......ahhh!!!

I wasn't feeling well last week, allergies acting up.  And then Caty's allergies turned into bronchitis.  Brayden's allergies are off the charts.  Lydia and Joey's are evening acting up this year.  They haven't had allergy problems for a couple years.  I upped their zinc just to play safe, and started allergy meds.  We haven't had huge success with essential oils and allergies for the kids.  Their mind-set says, "Hey, I'm impatient and I can't have itchy eyes or a scratchy throat.  I need this to stop now."

Anyway, you can see how busy I was because I am combining two weeks of re-caps.  So part of these are while we were in DC.

Visiting Georgetown Cupcakes.

 Caty is studying the Medieval time period.  She and I learning how to play chess.  She was very frustrated with this.
 Collecting her first dandelion of the year
 Riding the carousel in the National Mall
 Getting balloon animals by the Castle.

 Brayden collects cups.  So he liked the cup we found at the snack stand in the National Mall.
While in DC, we had a family game night.  Ordered in Chinese and played Mario Kart.
 Lydia is still working on her Mod Class.  I have been trying to do it with her also.  I am confused.  Hopefully she is grasping it better than me.
 Lydia was working on her 4H Snack Attack project.  She was trying a recipe, which we re-wrote to be dairy and peanut free for her brother.  She needed to make snack that week for her club, so she turned her project into that.
 Working on her photography class.  She had to take pictures using 5 different settings on her camera.
 Watching a movie on how they built large cathedrals in the 1300-1500s.
 Still playing Mario
 We also visited the National Building Museum.  The kids liked playing in the building area.

We got home late on Thursday night and then had to get snack ready for 4H club on Friday night.  I ran to the store, and she is mixing her snack here.  She bagged it up in snack sized baggies then to pass out.
 On Saturday we had our first ever Pinewood Derby.  Boy did we learn lots of things.  So we are better prepared for next year.

Here is the Frozen Wonder
 And the Ruby Twister
 Caty got 2nd place in Design Category

 Lydia got 1st place in design for her Ruby Twister Car.
 We met up with a really good friend at Chuck E Cheese and played one morning.
 Lydia working on yet another snack from her 4H project Snack Attack.  She learned how to make meatballs.
 We spent lots of time at the stable this week.
 Joey broke out his new remote control helicopter.  It was one of his gifts.  He loves it.  We'll get him a better one when he learns how to handle this one.
 We also participated in a Living Wax Museum event a local Historical Museum sponsored.  This was so much fun to prep for.

Joey went as Stan Lee.

 Caty was Amelia Earhart.

Lydia was Jane Goodall.  She needs to find another animal person for next time.  She has done her twice now.  Although her 4H Zoology project is about Jane Goodall this week, so I need a new argument.  My daughter is going to end up living in a

We also made our first trip to the local ice cream shop for this season.  Joe took two kids to see Avengers.  But Caty and Brayden didn't want to go, so we went and cleaned out the van and got them ice cream.

Took the girls out to a bunch of local garage sales on Friday morning.  Found a prep table for my kitchen for $25.00, a corn-hole toss game for $5.00 and this telescope for $15.00.  Joey was super excited and couldn't wait to get it out that night.

Week 47 we had schoolwork, Week 48 was more of a vacation.  We start back to school this week.  I have lessons and projects all laid out.  I am excited to get back to school a little bit.  I have tons of work to finish for Minecraft school.  But I figure...I will survive :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  See you at the end of Week 49.  I can't believe this school year is almost over!

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