Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 3 - Packing, Laptop Crash and Foraging

We sort of had last week off from school.  The main thing they had to do was keep up on the summer reading program.  They earned lots of tickets.  I had so much to do trying to get ready for our next trip, that I gave up sitting and doing table lessons.

But we did do some DIY projects. The kids made homemade yeast bread.  It smelled amazing in our house.

 Another DIY project was making a theme dessert.  They made green jello and made creeper heads.

We went to the curriculum sale one day.  I sold a bunch, but have a bunch more to get rid of.

On Monday we had a field trip to a local goat farm that we love to buy cheese from.  It was a lot of fun!

The girls made rice krispie treats one day also.

We also went on a foraging trip.  A friend of mine is an expert in this area.  She did such a great job.  We ate cattail, wild grape, clover buds, horseradish root and plantain.  Can't wait until we get to go back in July!!  We cooked it all up with her help and all sampled.  The kids all were sports and tried what we picked and cooked up.

Brayden cleaning wild grape leaves, and yes he ate one.  Watch for my blog post coming next week about this adventure!

My laptop crashed last week, which put me even further behind than I already.   We managed to get a great deal on a replacement for me, and now I need to catch up on blog posts and finding all my pictures.  Fortunately Joe was able to get all my info from the other laptop!!

That was pretty much our week.  Lots of laundry, cleaning, watering, and packing.  Watch for what we are up to next week.  We start back to regular book work and projects next week.

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