Thursday, July 30, 2015

Heirloom Audio Productions - With Lee in Virginia Audio Book Review

We are a big audio book family.  Being on the road so much on our travels, gives us a lot of time to listen to books.  We listen to a wide variety of stories.  But since I am a history lover, of course I also want to sneak some type of historical fiction and non-fiction into the listening schedule.  We recently had the opportunity to review With Lee In Virginia ($29.97 plus shipping) from Heirloom Audio Productions.

I was super excited to receive With Lee In Virginia.  This is not just an average audio book.  With Lee In Virginia is more of an audio drama.  It features well-known celebrities such as Kirk Cameron, Sean Astin, Chris Anthony, and Kelsey Lansdowne.

With Lee In Virginia is a story of virtue and valor.  It is full of examples of determination, character and courage.  It's the story of 15 year old Vincent Wingfield.  He is on an exciting adventure joining the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia.  He soon is fighting right alongside famous Confederate generals like Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee.  How does he handle this world that he has been forced into?  He has some wonderful examples of generals who remain devoted to God even during the bitter parts of the war.

With Lee In Virginia is a audio drama that keeps the kids attention.  One minute there is normal tones and the next few minutes you could be hearing the cannon roars and you can close your eyes and actually imagine as if you are in the middle of the battle watching the scenes take place.

I really liked this aspect while we were listening to With Lee In Virginia.  Not only were we listening to a wonderful lesson in character development, but it was like watching a movie.  It was not just a boring audio book.  Most kids like watching movies, but With Lee In Virginia was like watching a movie without pictures.  We had to create our own, which kept imaginations going.

Available also to go along with the audio drama With Lee In Virginia is an easy to use study guide.  This full-color PDF is available for download with your purchase of the audio drama.  It has a lot of maps, vocabulary , historical facts and stories, reading comprehension questions, critical thinking questions to get your students really remembering the wonderful story they are listening to.

This PDF can easily be printed and used by elementary through high school aged students.  You could simply print it and have them answer the questions as they listen to each chapter, or have them read them and work through the study guide verbally.  Whatever works best for your family.

With Lee In Virginia is a wonderful, historical story for all ages.  We listened to it as a family while in the van.  But this could easily be used in your home as part of a Civil War Unit study.  You can listen to so much daily and work on the study guide then with your student or have them work on it independently.

I am a HUGE fan of making history more fun and interesting.  With Lee In Virginia is definitely a way to get your student more excited about their history lessons.  I can't wait to see what else that Heirloom Productions has in the works for release.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out With Lee In Virginia from Heirloom Productions.  See how they used it in their homes and how it worked out for them by visiting our blog.

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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