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Homeschool in the Woods - Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt Review

I love creating my own unit study programs for our family.  Looking up books that are tailored to our children takes a lot of work, but I think they appreciate it when we sit down to do the work each week.  But there are some weeks where I just am out of time and energy.  Learning must still go on, and that is when I am grateful for pre-made unit studies.  We recently had the opportunity to try out Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt from Homeschool in the Woods.

Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt (Download $33.95 and CD $34.95) is a, 8 - 12 week unit study packed with hands-on project study on Ancient Egypt.  It includes 25 passport stops as you and your students travel throughout Ancient Egypt.  You will learned about religion, medicine, writing, education system, everyday life, the pharaohs, pyramids and so much more.

Your students though are not just reading and filling out a lapbook.  Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt provides exciting writing opportunities disguised as creating a newspaper.  Each stop takes you on fun-filled adventures.  Included also are informational reading, instructions on how to create a folder to collect all your information in.  The pieces are included and easily printed out and assembled.  There are also audio recordings to listen to and really bring Ancient Egypt to life.  One of the kids favorite has been the recording of traveling up and down the Nile River, as told by someone traveling on a boat on the Nile River.

We received the downloadable materials, but Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt is also available in a CD format.  The souvenir postcards have also been a huge hit.  Since we travel so much, we send out a lot of postcards.  The kids thought this was a great feature and looked forward to creating postcards to go along with our Story stops as we traveled through Ancient Egypt.

Here are a few of our projects so far:

Egyptian princess crowns...

Our Egyptian meal..

Learning about Egyptian hierarchy....

The unit study is extremely easy to use.  I felt a little overwhelmed when I first started opening the files.  But I quickly discovered how to print the files that we needed for each lesson.  I was also able to quickly adjust activities to make them work for the kids who had trouble writing.

Book lists and video suggestions are provided with each lesson.  These materials were easily gotten from the library, but I was also able to find other titles if our library didn't have the suggested titles.  These books though really were not necessary because each Passport Stop was chocked full of information.  You could can stretch this material out with a Passport Stop each week or do 2-3 stops a week, depending on in depth you want to study Ancient Egypt with your family.

We have really been enjoying our Traveling tour of Ancient Egypt using Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt from Homeschool in the Woods.  Our Scrapbook of Sights continues to grow each week.  We are working our way through more slowly, so we are doing 1-2 Passport Stops a week, and we are enjoying some extra reading and educational videos.  This is one of the things that I really love about using the  Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt, you can so easily adapt it to your families needs and educational style.

As we finish up  Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt we are looking forward to continue using the Project Passport studies from Homeschool in the Woods.  I can use them with a wide age range from my lower elementary kiddos through my high school kids.  They are easy to use and there is very little work for me to do other than printing.  Even though I enjoy creating unit studies for our kids, I will continue using the Project Passport studies from Homeschool in the Woods to keep my life and planning simplified.

Several members of  the Schoolhouse Review were given the opportunity to try out various products from Homeschool in the Woods.  Take a few moments to see how they used them in their homes and if they enjoyed the Passport stops as much as we did.  Visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog below.

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