Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 6 - The One Where I kind of Gave Up

I spent a lot of time just working on classes last week.  Making schedules and letting the kids chill.  I am very far behind on all my Minecraft work.  I am trying to dig my way out, but I know as soon as we get home there will be tons for me to do there and I will get further behind.  So the only thing I can do is keep trying.

We walked over to the book store a few times.  Barnes and Noble has a bunch of events going on throughout the summer.  I am a sucker for book stores.  The kids like them too.  So we hung out and looked at books and picked books for next week.

I am attempting a less textbook work schedule for a few weeks, just to see how it goes.  I ordered a couple of these books for the girls to start.  I have to take the plunge

I am having a hard time letting go of textbooks though.  In the back of my mind I keep wondering if I am going to mess them up because we are not using a separate language arts program or spelling book.  It's pretty hard.

I will keep you updated.  This is going to take a few weeks of adjustment for the kids and I to get into a new groove.

We did take the kids to Chincoteague Island.  I have always wanted to visit there.  We went to the Chincoteague Museum and saw Misty and Stormy.

 Saw Misty's hoof prints in front of the theater.
 Attempted to visit the light house also.  But we didn't get to climb it.

I actually read actual grown up book....and I forgot that I like to read.  It's been that long since I read something just to read.  So I started this series.  I was soaking up the sun and watching the kids play in the pool.

Brayden was having a really good time in the pool, even though he claimed to not like swimming for two years.

 We watched some educational videos

And did the Magic Tree House event at Barnes and Noble.

 He claimed he wouldn't have fun and would hate it.  He had fun!

Can't wait!!  We'll be home next week!!  But next week is full of 4H activity!

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