Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 10 - The Remodel continues and the Fair begins

Well it was our first time at Wood County Fair this week.  It was such a busy week.  We had lots of appointments and activities, as well as my niece and nephew were still visiting.

On Monday, Lydia and I helped our 4H Club do a shift at the Shake stand that helps support our 4H program.  She was so excited as we were walking up nearby to see a Tardis.
 Learning how to run the chocolate shake machine.
 Our house is basically under construction right now as we are remodeling room to room.  I have forced myself to learn and do things I had no idea how to do.  This past week, I learned how to lay carpet tiles.
 Our cat, Cali taking a snooze.
The living room is almost finished with the remodel.  The kids are enjoying their final dinner at Camp Kuehner....We ordered takeout from the local dairy bar.
 The girls decided to enter baked goods in the 4H Bake-off.  Caty actually presented hers in a flower pot.  She worked hard painting it and stenciling the Mickey Mouse head on it.
Lydia had two cheer competitions this week.  One Friday morning at the Fair and then also Saturday morning.  We did our nails up in style to match their uniforms, silver and black.

The morning of the first competition, the girls and I got to the fairgrounds and there was a petting zoo.  So while we were waiting for the rest of the team the girls fed deer and petted some llamas.

Having a snack and waiting.
Our team placed 1st in our division and also earned the Spirit Award.
Our Club's 4H booth at the fair.

Joey got a first place at county this year.  His name up on the county display at the fair.
Brayden next to his 2nd place project, Discovering 4H.
The bake-off results.....Lydia earned a 2nd place for her Apple Cinnamon Snack Muffins.
Cloverbuds are not "Judged", but they earn a t-shirt and ribbon for participating.  Caty is walking her chocolate dipped rice krispie treats around during the auction.
Enjoying shaved ice at the fair.

On Saturday morning, the team had another Cheer competition.  They took 1st place in their division again.  Way to Go Cougars!!!

This week was exhausting....I mean exhausting.  But one more exhausting week coming up.  There always is lots to do and never enough time to finish it all.  As you can see, we did not do a lot of "book" learning this week.  A few documentaries and some cooking lessons did happen though.  We were actually on break this week since we still had visitors.

Next week.....our local county fair and getting ready for all their project entries!!!

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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