Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alpha Omega Publications - Horizons Math - Second Grade Review

Math is just one of those subjects that it can be hard to make fun.  If you have students that also have various learning challenges and learning styles it makes it a harder subject to teach.  We have used online math programs for a while now since it makes it easier for me with the older kids.  But our youngest is not always a fan.  We had the opportunity to review the Horizons Math - Second Math program ($81.95) from Alpha Omega Publications with her, and she is loving it!!

Our package arrived quickly, and I will admit that I was very anxious about "teaching" math to Caty.  Math was not my favorite subject in school either.  But I know Caty loves math, it is her favorite subject.  

At first I wasn't sure how to handle a book work approach as regards to teaching.  It has been a while since I wasn't relying on the computer to teach this subject.  The Teacher's Guide that comes with the Horizons - Second Grade Math program is wonderful and it took my anxiety levels down.

The Horizons - Second Grade Math Teacher's Guide is very easy to use.  Everything is really listed out very easy to use.  It's a very large book, but there is information for each lesson.  Also included is the Answer Key for the workbooks and even extra worksheets for reinforcement.

A Scope and Sequence is also provided, just in case you would like to jump around a bit in the book.

Horizons Math - Second Grade was so easy to use.  I simply needed to read the lesson plan ahead of time, which was under 5 minutes.  Each lesson is basically scripted for me.  Each lesson provides a list of supplies that you need also.

If your child is struggling a bit, there is also a readiness test available at the front of the Teacher's Guide to check out whether your child is ready for Horizons Math - Second Grade.

Caty really enjoys worksheets.  None of our other children enjoy doing worksheets as much as she does.  Since she is the youngest, this has completely caught me off-guard.

Horizons Math - Second Grade has been a good fit for her.  Our math lessons usually run under 30 minutes.  And she loves the "worksheet" in her workbook for each lesson.   The workbook is full-colored, which is great.  I don't have to worry about printing colored worksheets that look "Pretty".

Since Caty does have some learning delays, I really like how I am able adjust the workbook pages to her attention span.  Some days we finish a whole lesson in one sitting, and other days I am able to work on small sections and then we come back to the rest of the lesson later.

Horizons - Second Grade Math has been extremely easy to use.  I love the flexibility it provides.  Even though I was extremely nervous about "teaching" math without a computer program, the Teacher's Guide has given me the confidence since it also has been so easy to use.

I am actually looking at switching our son Brayden over to Horizons Math since he prefers workbook over online math.  We will definitely be sticking with this new math program and continue using it for future grades.  I am very glad that we were given the opportunity to review Horizons Math from Alpha Omega Publications.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various products from Alpha Omega Publications.  They offer programs for Language Arts, Science, Health and many other subjects.  Take some time to visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to see how the Crew members used these products in their homes.

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