Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 11 - Getting ready for the fair and Horse riding time!!

The remodel is still under way.  We have the living room remodel finished and moved all the furniture back around.  That was A LOT of work.  But we are loving the new space.  Joe and I got our office space/bedroom set up.  It's a work in progress and we splurged on a couple new desks.

It's much messier now as we added items that we discovered would need to be moved to the office area.   Next week we will be tackling the kids rooms and old office area.  That should take a few days.

Since the remodel was finished in one area and I had a TON of ribbons from 4H, I decided to hang them up so the kids could see the result of their hard work.

Last year we were gone most of the summer in New York City and Chicago.  We were also in North Carolina a few times as well.  So we didn't get a chance to really participate in our county fair.  This is a big deal for the kids.  The girls especially LOVE taking open class projects to the fair.  They both love seeing their art, crafts, food and photography on display.  The possibility of a ribbon hanging on it make it that much sweeter.

So this year I decided to let them enter whatever category and also basically unlimited categories.  That is how we spent our entire week.  Finishing up and getting projects ready for judging.  Between 4 of us, we had 39 projects entered that ranged from art to canning and even Joey did cupcake decorating.

In the end the kids earned:

Joey - 3rd place for his Pokemon cupcakes

Lydia - 3rd place - Scenery Photography
2nd place - Experimental Photography
1st place & Best of Show - Nature Photography
1st place - Photography
Best of Class photography
2nd place - Strawberry Jam
Honorable Mention - Decorated Cupcakes
Honorable Mention - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Honorable Mention - Cat Collage - Mixed Media
Honorable Mention - Wood item - Wizard of Oz derby car
1st place - Owl Clay art
1st place - Recycled wood bin

Caty - 1st place - painting of cardinal
1st place and Best of Show - Strawberry jam
3rd place - Handcraft clay - cupcake
1st place - Decorated shoes
Honorable Mention - chocolate chip cookies
Honorable Mention - Decorated cupcakes
Honorable Mention - Art - Mixed Media crayon elephant

We will have a ton of new art projects on our walls this weekend as I pick up all their hard work from the fair booths.

We are very proud of all their hard work and getting the projects in on time.

But we also had Horse Riding competition this weekend.  This is an annual event for Special Olympics - Ohio.  All the athletes were so excited.

 She earned her first gold medal this weekend!!!

The boys did book work 4 days this week.  That is because they chose not to do a bunch of projects for the fair.  Joey is working in some new areas and so is Brayden.  We officially start in two weeks back to full-school schedule.  I just haven't been able to do school and work on the remodel at the same time.  It was too much for me.  I am getting a little excited to get things going!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  See you in Week 12

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