Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week 12 - Vacation Time, De-cluttering and a House Move

So this week Joe was on vacation.  We have been investing our money in the house, so we were not able to "go" anywhere on our vacation.  We are planning a family trip in February, so I prefer to save our money for that.

Since we finished the living room remodel and got our offices set up last week, this week it was time to tackle the kids rooms.

We shifted the boys around to a bigger room and then set up a common room for the kids.  The majority of their toys are in there.  We also set up tables for their laptops.  By doing this, we were able to clean out an entire section of our kitchen dining room.

I am ashamed to say we took out almost 15 bags of garbage, and I lost count of the amount in the recycling pile (since I wasn't bagging it).  The Goodwill pile is huge also.  I didn't go through every toy box, I was just pure exhausted.

But I was amazed how things came together.  We were pretty low on funds, but worked out to get the boys a futon and a nice set of recliner chairs to put in their room.  They have a boys "man cave" set up with video game systems and two tvs set up.

The girls were pretty happy with the common room.

 I need to clean all the carpets.  The boys spilled a lot.  Go figure.
 The girls room after...
 The boys room...Joey's desk area
 Their video game area.  It's a work in progress as we discover what they like and how they want the furniture arranged.

No before pics.....only after pics.

Lydia's cheer squad had their last competition of the season.  They placed 1st in the Spirit Category.  These girls have worked so hard and we have such a wonderful coach!!

She is very proud of her 3 medals from the competitions the last couple weeks.  I need to find a way to display them for her.  We also have her medals from horse riding.  Anyone have any suggestions for this?  I need to keep looking around.  I'm sure I'll find something on Pinterest.

By the end of the week, we had the house pretty much under control.  There are a few areas that still need attention mainly on the outside though, but we will get them done this weekend.  I am very grateful for the rooms to come together so smoothly.  The next challenge is the basement.  And oh what a challenge that will be!!!

Hope everyone had a great week.  We will be starting school back up officially on Monday with a half-schedule.  So I have lots to finish yet this weekend.

See you next week!!!

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