Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 9 - We gained some extra kids!!

This was the start of Camp Kuehner week.  Joey, Lydia and Caty went to a local summer camp through our county.  They spent one night and had lots and lots of fun.  Right after dropping the kids off at camp we went and picked up our niece and nephew to stay with us for a few days.

We had a lot of stuff planned for a short amount of time and the energy we had.  So I bombed at getting anything completely accomplished.

 Making rice krispie treats with Robby and Carra.
 Then we picked the kids up from camp.  One day we went shopping  and took in the pillowcases we made for Conkerr Cancer.
 The girls and I went to the local coffee shop and they had iced coffees and we worked on an art project.

 Then we came home and they painted a mural in our living room.
 Camp Kuehner also offered tye dying.

 The finished mural.
 Both the boys earned the chance to go to the Ohio State Fair for 4H.  Joey placed 1st and Brayden 2nd in the county for the Staying Healthy project.  So one day we drove to Columbus for them to be judged.

 They didn't place, but I am very proud of their efforts.
 We met some interesting people at the Ohio State Fair.
 They milked a real cow.

 We saw the famous Butter Cow.

 And we even met Elsa and Anna.
 Caty was so excited and nervous she couldn't even speak.  This was a dream come true for her.  I think she may have started to have tears.
 We drove through a rainstorm and saw a rainbow!
 The next day we put together some Comfort Kits for Red Cross. These are bags that they hand out to children and adults who have suffered during a natural disaster or other life-changing event such as a house fire.  Our 4H club did this as a community service project.  We put together a few at home since we missed the meeting.

 Of course we had horse riding and horse camp.
 We had a 4H meeting also.  Lydia helped put together a poster for our booth on the various projects we did this year.
 We also had the annual Family picnic at our Sportsman Club.  Lydia LOVES archery.  She was showing Carra how to shoot a bow here.  She has some practicing to do, but doing really well.
We did all this while working on the house remodel.  We have almost finished.  I didn't get to do as much as I wanted, but hope to maybe be finished by next week.  Wow!!  Six kids kept me busy all week!!!

Hope everyone had a great week!  See  you next time.

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