Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stinky Kid Math Review

I will be the first to admit that I am a homeschool mom that does not enjoy teaching math.  This is a subject that I am more than glad to hire people out to teach, especially when they start getting into that dreaded Algebra level.  So I was excited to get the opportunity to try out the Stinky Kid online math program from Stinky Kid Math for middle school aged students.

Stinky Kid Math approached math from a different standpoint.  Instead of the typical memorization approach that most math programs use, Stinky Kid Math teach how the math works.  Through a series of video instructions, Stinky Kid Math teaches kids how to solve advanced math topics through a series of short, easy to use videos.

The videos range in topic from Pre-Algebra through Geometry.  The interface is very easy for the boys to use.  It took only two lessons of me showing the boys how to login for them to be able to start watching the videos independently.

I simply assigned them a video to watch.  They would watch the videos on how to complete that type of math problem.  I would have the worksheet material printed for the lesson.  We would then work on them together.

The worksheets are well written and also contain problem solving information.  The videos are definitely presented in a way for the kids to understand, but yet in a way that it's not overwhelming in length.  If the boys were still struggling with a concept, we were able to easily re-watch the video together and go through the worksheet slowly.

This was one of the many positive experiences I had with the Stinky Kid Math program, the easy ability to re-watch video material and print the worksheet multiple times in order to practice the concept with Joey.

The worksheets also include the answers.  This was a great help to me since I am not the greatest at algebra and so I would know right away if the answer we figured was right or wrong.  It wasn't just like finding a worksheet on a website and printing it.

Stinky Kid Math also includes games that kids can play to go with many of the math topics that are being reviewed and studied.

You could easily use this program as either a supplement or a full curriculum, whichever your family would benefit more from.  It really is like having a math tutor at your disposal 24 hours a day, and without the fee of hiring a tutor.

Stinky Kid Math is priced at only $9.95 a month.  I personally think this is a very reasonable price as we are getting into tougher math.  We actually used Stinky Kid Math as their only math program for a couple weeks to see how it would work out, and the boys seemed to enjoy it.  Stinky Kid Math did present challenging topics that I was avoiding trying to teach the boys.

Even on topics that we struggled with, the boys did not whine or complain about re-watching a video.  I explained to them that this was the best way to understand a topic.  We know that math is not their best subject and sometimes it takes a little longer for them to grasp concepts.

I would definitely recommend Stinky Kid Math to families.
  • It is priced affordable.  
  • It allows flexibility to parents for their student to work independently.  
  • The Interface is student friendly and very easy to use.
  • The worksheets are great for reinforcement.
  • The worksheet answers are provided so I was not left guessing.
We will continue to use Stinky Kid Math as a reinforcement alongside our math schedule.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out Stinky Kid Math in their homes.  Take a few moments to see how their families used this program in their homes and how they liked it.

Stinky Kid Math Review
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