Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 20 - Leaf Collections, Antique Apples and Mythbusters

I honestly needed a week.  A week without struggling to get everything done.  My body chose this week to do that.  So the kiddos got a vacation from "individual" lessons and we stuck with group lessons in US Presidents, Science and Geography.  I have to say, the relaxed state did not work for the kids.  I'm hoping that we do not have struggles on Monday when we start back.

We started out our week at our daughters horse competition.  She had the privilege of getting to compete in the All American Quarter Horse Congress (it turned into an ALLLL day adventure).  It's the first time we have ever done something like this so we were very excited for her.

There was lots of waiting.

We were so proud...she placed 6th out of 12.  I think that is great for her first time competing nationally.  She was the youngest in the group also!!

On Monday we went on a field trip to a local apple orchard.  We learned about how they make the cider.  They also talked to us about the antique apple trees they grow.  We bought apples that were from trees from the 1700s and were Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple and another batch from the 1800s called a Mother apple.  They also got to pick the state apple of Ohio, the Melrose.  They also each pick a pumpkin on our little hay ride.  It was just a fun morning.

After the field trip, we went on a fall leaf walk.  They were collecting leaves for their leaf collection.  They got them all collected.  It was a nice walk and even though Brayden balked like always, he ended up having a ton of fun.

Our picnic.

We took all the leaves, laminated them and then identified them all.  The boys did a book and so did the girls.

Next we took some leaves from the yard and did leaf rubbings.  Some tried to freehand draw them.

They also labeled and then looked at the leaves under the microscope.

We also went on another field trip to ride an example of the Canal boats that used to travel through Ohio.  Brayden is going through Ohio History this year and will be learning about them.  So we went before they closed for the winter season.

We learned a lot about traveling in the canal boats.  We also visited the grist mill and bought some fresh ground wheat flour for next week's cooking projects.

To top our week off, we went to the new exhibit at our local science museum.  We LOVE Mythbusters.  This was a great way to spend some time exploring science and spending time together.

We also had some life skill training this week.  Brayden asked to learn how to pump gas.  Some days he wants to learn so much.  So I showed him how to do it.  He said the handle is tough.  I never left his side as he worked on it.

And of course we had gymnastics and archery this week too.

Our President this week was Thomas Jefferson.  We talked about him and his relationship with John Adams.  We have added his home Monticello to our travel bucket list.  The kids remembered visiting the Jefferson Memorial when we were in DC.  He was a very interesting man.  One of the antique apples we got from our trip to Johnston's was the Spitzenborg.  This was supposedly Jefferson's favorite apples.  We tried them while watching a video on Jefferson's life.  Some of them even tried tomatoes, since another supposed fact about Jefferson was he was the first person to grow tomatoes in the United States.  

Even though they had a week off from individual lessons, we still crammed a lot in this week.  See everyone next Saturday.  Hope you all had wonderful weeks!!

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