Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 38 - Back at Home, Back to Normal - Is there Normal?

Well we are back home, for a few weeks.  It was definitely a change and an adjustment this time.  I am not sure why.  But at one point I ordered a book for Joey and had to second guess the shipping options because I couldn't remember where I was.  It has been a long week and exhaustion has been the rule of my week.  I am trying, but my body is fighting to keep from getting a cold that seems to be going around.  I have even suffered a few minor reactions that have made me miserable.  Of course, the eating of bread this week (Even though homemade and gluten free) was probably not the best choice.  I do seem to do better on the Whole30 option of food.  So I think I will keep that up.

Joe bought me a Fit Bit but I never got to really use it like I wanted to because of all the weirdness in my body this week.  So annoying.  But it did confirm my suspicions about my restless sleep patterns.

I have been more conscious of increasing my activity.  I second guess myself every time I try to take the lazy way out.

My mom is in the hospital.  So we are stressing a bit about what is going to happen with Grandma.  She has a severe infection in her knee replacement.  It's been 5 years, and apparently it can re-occur at anytime and with no warning.  It's going to be a long road for her.

In the girls science this week, we visited the Arctic.  We watched several videos about animals like the musk ox, snow goose, polar bear and even a mountain goat.  The Sassafrass twins were in Alaska.  For our experiments, we did one on blubber and also made polar bear fur.

In this experiment the girls learned about how a polar bear's fur is hollow and their skin is black.

They used a flashlight to see how the light is absorbed and reflected.

In this experiment they used good old fashioned Crisco like it was blubber.  The gallon baggie was filled up and then they put their hand in another baggie and stuck it into the Crisco.  They then put the whole hand into a bucket of ice water.  They timed how long it was before they felt the cold.

We do this experiment every time we learned about the Arctic.  They love doing it.

We have been rather behind on art class.  So I made sure to get something in this week.  They did this project from Deep Space Sparkle.

We started watching Liberty's Kids this week.  We have spent a couple weeks learning about the Colonies and since there are 40 episodes, we are starting to watch prior to us actually starting that part of our History.  Plus I needed a bit of ease back into life at home.  What better way than to cover some History than watching Liberty's Kids.  Next week we will be starting with a fun project.

The girls both started in their new Math series.  They both have started Math U See.  Caty is in Gamma and Lydia is in Delta.  Watch for the upcoming review we will be doing for the new Online classes that Math U See is now offering.  Caty loved the new blocks a lot!!

We went to the library last Saturday and the girls stocked up on books.  I found a few winter titles for Caty to read, since we barely have had a winter.  I thought she would enjoy reading them since we were learning about Arctic animals this week.  I took advantage of that time to learn more about the Antarctic region also.  So we read Ice Is Nice from the Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That series and also watched that episode.

We worked on Snowflakes and other little projects from the book Snow Shapes.  She didn't really enjoy that.  Not sure why.  Maybe next year.

The girls also watched the Magic School Bus video on the Arctic.  Caty likes to drag out the blocks while watching movies.  She does her building then.

Caty started using a new reading program this week, Logic of English Foundations B.  I was nervous, but she did wonderfully.  I was amazed at her spelling skills considering the fight that we have had the last year over reading.  Watch for our review next month!

I believe that Lydia is enjoying her new math series.  She is reading like crazy.  I have to cut her off sometimes, because all she wants to do is read her chapter books and she doesn't get to her schoolwork.

This week Lydia continued her 4H Quick Breads book.  She made pumpkin bread.  It was a hit!  She loves our new mixer that my parents gave me for an early anniversary present.

We will be adding 4H projects as the kids are picking them for this year.  We may make a trip over to the office and look at a few more books before they completely decide.

The boys are missing a lot of assignments, so I need to watch them carefully this week.  I am going to set times for them to follow.  I was so upset with Brayden that I pulled money from "account".  He admitted to not doing any of his reading all week.  So I pulled $2.00 from the reading money he had earned.  That may wake him up some.  We'll see this next week.

Brayden is almost finished with his Ohio History.  Joey is almost finished with his American Government, and half way finished with his Creative Electives 3D Modeling class.  That's two electives down...and many more to

I am going to keep on pushing my immune system harder.  I am struggling...not getting as sick as my hubby and the gets got it....but still struggling with stuffiness and sinus issues.  I will keep on with my Vitamin C attack approach.  My body is already screaming about sleep.  The Fitbit is telling me how many times a night that I wake up.  I am averaging 8 - 11 times a night.  Go figure!  I also been using thieves since I am out of collidol silver.

I am excited about a few of our projects next week.  I just hope the kids feel the same way!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!  Watch our Facebook page for helpful homeschooling links and news articles.  I am trying to share more about the daily struggles we all are experiencing!

See you next weekend!!

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