Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 45 - American Revolution, Pinewood Derby, Bottle Rockets & Gardening

I am having a Pete the Cat week.  I am moving slow and taking my time.  It also doesn't help that I am having a borderline pain attack.  The weather in our area is wrecking havoc on my health.  It's warm and then frigid.  Those frigid times are very hard on me....very hard.

This week the girls have been prepping for their Pinewood Derby.  They are super excited to get to do this again. I am cautiously optimistic about what will happen.  Last year there were plenty of rule issues and I didn't understand it since it was the first time our unit did one.  This year I am trying to follow the rules to the letter. Caty loves Pete the Cat, so she is making a Groovy buttons car.  And Lydia, Ms. Dr. Who is making a Tardis car.  I feel weird because we waited until the last minute to get these done.  I have had the kits since December.  I hate waiting to the last minute, but it happens and you just get on with life and get it done.

On Tuesday we had a field trip to a greenhouse for what I thought was learning about native plants of Ohio.  Yeah....I completely misread that description in the Parks Department newsletter.  We ended up helping transplant the plants that they sell to the various cities around for their landscaping and also for their annual plant sale.  20 flats later, I was exhausted.

On Wednesday we signed up for the social event at the local Disabilities group.  We have never done this type of thing with the group before.  So we were not sure what to expect.  It didn't last as long as we expected, but they enjoyed it.  They planted petunias.....yeah...they were not excited about that since we had just replanted all those flowers the night before.  But we'll have to watch for future events with the group.

We visited grandma several times.  One day the therapy dog came in for a visit.  The girls loved that.

We worked really hard on finishing up our American Revolution unit in American History.  We have been spending a lot of time on History this week.  We watched the rest of the Liberty's Kids episodes and also finished up the PBS Liberty series.  Next week we will be moving on to the New country and the issues it will be facing.

Caty breezed through her work this week.  Tried to stay under the radar thinking that I would forget about her and not make her finish her work.  Yeah...that's not going to happen.  She didn't get any of her 4H project done this week, but that is my fault.  She did finish up her Anne Frank project for Scouts on Monday.  She also practiced what she was going to say about Anne Frank everyday.  She begged and begged and I let her make brownies.  She likes to cook, but still needs lots of help.  To be honest, I just didn't want to smell the brownies.  I knew the smell would kill me!

 Working on her schoolwork at the library while Lydia was at horse class.

Lydia was slow going this week too.  It was a very rough week with her ADHD and ODD.  Another reason I have been struggling.  She has been zapping all my energy.  But she did manage to get a couple 4H projects done.  Plus she worked hard on a stopmotion movie, which I am having trouble with the software with.  It's all me.  I know I am missing something.  But it's been a bad week.  She can't figure it out.  She has been trying because she was trying to use her horses to make one too.  I just need to figure out our glitch.

Playing Star Wars BattleShip with Joey

Working on our Stopmotion American Revolution movie.

Lydia started a class this week at the stable we go to.  She is learning the flip side of horses.  Everything you don't learn during riding lessons.  Since she wants to be a veterinarian for horses, she is in heaven.

Working on her 4H Archery poster.
 She tried to zebra strip it  like her bow.
In Science, the girls finished up the unit on bones.  We talked about joints this week.  They built a ball joint.

The boys working at the library Tuesday while Lydia was in horse class.

Joey did well completing his work, no matter how crazy it was.  He started a new textbook on choosing careers.

He and I got the rocket launcher out for his 4H bottle rocket project.  Unfortunately we discovered a problem with our bike pump.  So our launches didn't go as planned.  I ordered a new one so that we can resume his project next week.  We'll work on building his rocket until it gets here.

Brayden started his next level science this week.  This week he learned about earthquakes and volcanoes.  I ordered special treat for him to work on.

The volcano project was more for fun.  Obviously labeling the inside of a volcano would have been more fun.  But we did get to talk about chemical reactions while doing the 3 different experiments included in the kit.  He watched several videos on volcanoes and earthquakes this week from National Geographic to round out his lesson this week.  

Next week he has some of his Kitchen Chemistry to finish up so we can start his poster.  We also need to get started on his Model Train project.  His gardening is slowly progressing.  The weather has not been cooperating with us on that.  So it looks like it will turn around.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  See you next weekend!

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