Thursday, April 14, 2016

Talking Fingers, Inc. - Read, Write & Type Program Review

Typing is now something that kids need to learn just as much as they need to learn basic handwriting skills.  With the high amount of electronic communications, whether it be text messaging or just email communication, typing is a necessary skill.  Caty recently had the opportunity work on her emerging typing skills when we got a chance to review the Read, Write & Type program ($35.00 - 1 user) from Talking Fingers, Inc.

Read, Write & Type is a unique program that has been designed to combine those very important reading skills with keyboarding skills.  It is a one-of-a-kind program.  Read, Write & Type even works with students who are experiencing delays due to learning disabilities.  

Children hear the sounds in the words and then start to associate the sound with a letter or keystroke on the keyboard.  This is pretty important skill to start working on at an early age.  But it also represents a the multi-sensory approach that Read, Write & Type uses to encourage children of all learning styles to benefit from their program.  

Read, Write & Type helps children to develop better reading skills by learning thousands of letter-sound combinations.  They do this through games and fun, talking characters.

There are 40 adventure packed lessons that were created for kids ages 6 - 8 who are learning to read or for any student who is struggling to become a more fluent reader.  Each lesson is roughly 15 minutes a day, so it's not only easy to use, but perfect in length for students with short attention spans.  

Students can even earn certificates to boost their confidence as they make their way through the levels.

Caty has been enjoying the Read, Write & Type  program for a few weeks now.  She does it on a daily basis.  I have to say I have seen her make even larger strides in her reading struggles during this time.  I have also seen her spelling improve.  She is trying to write more sentences, so it has been a win-win for both her typing skills and her writing.

Caty's confidence seems to be going up with her reading and typing also.  This has helped her out while playing her Minecraft game.  She also has been picking harder books from the library to read.  The number of words on the page no longer seems to overwhelm her.  This huge change has all started since she started using the Read, Write & Type  program.  I love seeing her happy that she can chat with her friends online.  I love seeing her confidence as she is reading the directions on her worksheets.

Another thing that I absolutely love, there's not another textbook that I have to lug around.  Everything is online.  Even when we aren't home, as long as I have an internet connection, she can do her Read, Write & Type  program.  We even do it while killing time at the library during Lydia's classes.  

For us to find a program that shows advancement in such a short time, has been amazing.  Due to Caty's visual perception delay, reading and writing are tough and frustrating for her.  The listening for the sound and the image showing what keys to press has really taken the boredom out of her reading therapy.  Read, Write & Type program has been better than her reading comprehension software.  The characters make her laugh.  I am grateful that we had the opportunity to try this program out and we will be continuing to use Read, Write & Type program daily.

The cost of the Read, Write & Type program is also very reasonable.  Some reading only interactive programs cost a few hundred dollars, and the kids may not make any progress.  But the cost of 1 user is only $35.00 with the Read, Write & Type program.  So very affordable for families.

If you still are not sure, Read, Write & Type  program gives both parents and children a chance to test out the program by visiting here.  This gives you a chance to give it a go before you sign up.

You can also read how other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out Read, Write & Type program from Talking Fingers, Inc.  You can see how they used the program with their family.  

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