Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 46 - Pinewood Derby, Geronimo Stilton, Bowling Alley Tour

I was just feeling very overwhelmed all week.  Trying to keep up is very hard to do.   I was very hard on myself about not finishing the 4H I wanted to have them get done.  But we are getting things done, just not at the pace I would like.  I felt like I was really struggling to keep up, and this frustrated me even more.  It was just a rough week.

So we started our week off with a rescheduled Pinewood Derby.  Our area got a spring snowstorm and so they postponed it by a day.  Caty and Lydia were very excited this year.

Caty had a Pete the Cat car.

Lydia did a Tardis car.

Pete placed in a few heats, but did not place for speed.

The Tardis on the other hand did really well.

Lydia Placed 3rd in Juniors.

Caty's Pete the Cat Car won 3rd place in design.

We found out that both girls get to go to Regionals.  Caty is going for design and Lydia is going to race.

Lydia has this thing about doing all her math work on a dry-erase board now.  We have smaller ones, but for some reason she only wanted to work her math problems out like this last week.

On Monday the Girls Scout troop had an Empowering Women event.  The girls were to learn about a woman who made an impact on history.  Caty chose to do Anne Frank after our visit to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  We read our book together and then watched the 1950s movie.  I typed up what Caty wanted to say, and helped her form some  She read it by herself for her troop.

Lydia did her project on Rachel Carson.  She learned a lot about this female scientist who blew the whistle on the government's use of DDT so openly.  I learned a lot about her.  I never even knew who she was before we did a search for Lydia's project.

Later that night we went to our local library.They were having a Geronimo Stilton party.  The kids all enjoy Geronimo and Thea Stilton books, so this was fun for them.

They wrote secret messages (With lemon juice).

Did a newspaper scavenger hunt...

Had a snack of cheese doodles and "melted cheese" (Tang)

They made paper cheese hats also.

Our new board game came in.  But we got so busy we haven't even been able to play it yet!

Lydia made cinnamon apples for herself from her 4H cooking project.

She started tennis with Special Olympics.  She really enjoyed that.

She loved doing Dr. Who Mad Libs all week.

While cleaning out my curriculum shelves, I found these Usborne Grammar practice cards.  Caty  and I did a few together this week.

She is struggling a bit with blends and diagraphs, so I brought out the big

She is moving along in her reading though.  She loves these My Little Pony graphic novels.

Brayden and Lydia start archery class up again next week.  They went to Youth Archery Night and did well.  Lydia is doing good on getting her groupings together.  Brayden is doing well on groupings, but needs to work on his mental program.  He's not holding his elbow up the way he should.  He needs to get that down so that he can work on distance.

See elbow down, yet again.....He kept arguing with the coach and myself.  He said his groupings were really good, so why does he need to change.

On Friday we got to go "Behind the Scenes" at the bowling alley.  They let us see how the pins reset.  Then we got to bowl with our friends.

 This equipment is 40 years old.  It was loud and really cool to see how they reset.

Friday we had 4H also.  It was a busy day!  In Cloverbuds, they made elephant toothpaste.  The kids LOVED this project!

In the Big Kids meeting, The boys tried to be the games group for the club.  They thought it sounded like fun.  But they did not get to.

Lydia ran for club Historian.  She got voted in. She was very excited!

On Saturday we had a BBQ with our family to celebrate our family anniversaries.  Lots of food!

And Lots of presents!

The kids were amazed!

I think everyone got what they wanted.

I could help but enjoy the beautiful blossoms at the neighbor's house.  These daffodils and tulips have been coming up for many years now.  We really miss the gentleman that planted them.  He was a nice guy!

Spring is definitely in the air!

We didn't get many 4H projects done.  We had a lot of running of errands this week.  We struggled to get some stuff done.  We did finish up our Revolutionary War study.  So we will be moving on to the awakening of our new country.  The kids had blood work one day also.  That was a struggle.  I am glad it's only one day a year!

I know I panic about not getting our entire list done each week.  We had a ton of learning opportunities.  I found Brayden looking up videos on how things are made one day.  Of course they were all food  But he seems to really enjoy those videos.  I ordered him a set to watch.

We did watch a couple episodes of Aerial America.  We are making our way across the US.  We have only the west part of the country to finish.  I haven't been looking at each state in as much detail as I was before.  The kids were fighting about it and to be quite frank, if they are fighting me....and it's extra work for me.  Then I'm changing the plan.  We are learning state symbols and the state's location right now.  And some geographical information also.

Hope everyone had a great week!  See everyone next weekend!.

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