Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 47 - Pond Science, Warm Weather and a Sleepover!

I think we are all feeling the effects of Spring.  We have been hard at work all year on school work, and we all feel the need for a little break.  But this week we had a ton to get get done.  Joey has been working on his 4H Bottle Rocket project.  He has almost finished it and needs to make his presentation board when he finally decides what he wants to highlight.
Launching was very popular that morning!

 Everyone had a blast seeing how high it would go.
 Caty planted some lettuce in our greenhouse.  It was warm this week, so we took advantage of what warm weather we were getting.
 We also did some bike rides and walking.

Lydia is trying to decide what she wants her final project to be for her 4H art project.  She has been messing around with the 3D hand art.

One day they had a water balloon fight.  I have to say I love those new kits where you fill 100 balloons in no time.  Great time saver for me, someone who is sensitive to the latex in balloons.

They had a lot of fun, and didn't even whine much when they had to pick up the balloon mess.

We had a field trip to a veterinarian clinic.  Here the doctor is showing them x-rays of a dog that had been hit by a car that morning.  He was talking about the damage.  We saw a lot of interesting things and learned about veterinarian life.

Joey is also working on Exploring Ponds 4H project.   His secchi disk came in, so we headed to the pond he is using for his study.

We saw lots of frogs!

Measuring the pond.

While we were exploring the pond, Lydia and Brayden were practicing their archery shooting.

Playing games with Caty.

Caty decided to Cut her hair so we had to go to the stylist and get it fixed.  It's a shorter bob now.

Brayden and Lydia had archery also.

They were all waiting anxiously for their first sleepover with their friends.  They have never gotten to do this before.

Lots of fun....cotton candy, homemade pizza, popcorn
 A scavenger hunt (with a treasure chest of candy at the end)
 Fun in the hot tub
 Photo booth

 Ice Cream sundae bar with all the kids favorite toppings.
 Toss and talk ball
 Decorate your own coffee mug
 Glow in the dark dance party
 And the next morning, all the girls went to the stable and went horse riding.

It was a long busy week, but we survived!!

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