Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 48 - More Pond science, Science and Meeting a Meterologist

This is what I felt like all week.....

I made my step goal all but one day this past week.  That was Saturday.  I was so exhausted that after just one trip around the block with my hubby, I gave up.  Since he was home this past week, we were able to take a walk each evening when he finally was done working.  He was working on Pacific time, and since we are in Eastern he had a different work schedule.

I spent a lot of time helping out kids with 4H projects.  I was usually rotating between someone working on their lesson.

We started the week out enjoying the warm Sunday.  We went out to the Sportsman Club to look for a set of lost keys and then some of them practiced their archery and Joey did another read on the pond with his secchi disk.

It's fun seeing all the pond life.

Then we came home and had our first campfire of the year.  Burgers and smores!  It was very impromptu and not really what I planned for dinner, but it sounded very good.  And it was!!

Lydia finished up one of her 4H project by baking butterscotch bars.  Now she just needs to make a poster about what she learned and decide what meal to bring the judges.  The butterscotch bars were a hit with Joey!

Joey and I were finally able to finish up one of his projects.  He is working on Exploring Ponds and he built a model of a watershed.  I have learned a lot about watersheds with this project.  Always wondered what all the signs meant while we were traveling.  Now I know.

His model shows the run-off from various places that can end up in a water source.  These include waste from wild animals, campgrounds, factories and even farms.

Brayden finished a couple more experiments in his Kitchen Chemistry book.  This week he did Shiny pennies, which is salt and vinegar cleaning pennies.

It worked well.

As a group we did the Baggie ice Cream experiment.  It was a hit with everyone except Lydia.  She didn't like this, hands too cold and took too long she said.

Brayden loved this.  He wants to try it with chocolate milk now.

We used chocolate coconut milk for Joey's and it worked excellent.  He loved it.

Lydia's next attempt at 3D hand art.  I'm still on the fence about this.  I talked to her and told her to keep trying and she can decide on one later.   She doesn't have to decide immediately.  So she is going to try a couple different projects and then choose between them.

We got tadpoles this week.  Caty started a pond life project.  We are learning about pond life and the life cycle of amphibians.  We have a ton of tadpoles now.

She is going to do a poster of how to tell the difference between frogs and toads for her 4H project.  It may be her Girl Scout science project too.  Now sure yet.

We played Name that State again.  It is helping them memorize their states and their locations, which is awesome.

We went on several bike rides this week around lunchtime.  I walked/jogged behind them.  It helped me get my steps/exercise in.

One of Brayden's science projects was plant/animal cells.  I gave him the choice of coloring sheets or edible models.  He of course chose the edible models.  So he and I built models of a plant and animal cell.

This was a hit with him.

Another bike ride to the post office.

Working on her self-portrait in art class.

He body pillow has a hole in it.  So she asked if she could fix it.  So I helped show her how to sew it back together.  This will be a long process for her to learn, but she did a good job for her first time.

Here is Lydia's chicken art project.

On Friday, I had arranged for a local meteorologist to present an informational session on the weather.  This was so fun.  He did a great job.  Since Joey is learning about weather, this worked out great for him!

Then we had archery...Brayden is learning how to fix his aim.

Then we met our 4H club at a local car museum.

They have old arcade games also.

Then we went to the camping show at the local mall.  We wanted to check out options for our family.  We definitely fell in love with many of them.  But it was also easy to pick out what would and would not work for us.  Still a dream we are working on.

Treat of pretzels and frozen lemonade after the show.

The girls had riding lessons as usual.  But poor Caty fell off her horse when she spooked and ran.
She has a sore wrist, but ok.

Hope everyone had a great week!!
See you soon!


  1. Great week, those tadpole pictures are great

  2. Great week, those tadpole pictures are great