Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 50 - Puppies, Historical Battlefields and Airplanes

It was a normal spring week.  We had a lot of work with the new puppies.  It has been a big adjustment.  After all, puppies are not....shhhh.... Cats.  They require a lot more work.  The kids loves them, but they are realizing that puppies require more attention.  They want it all the time, not just occasionally like the cats do.

Caty has been begging to hand wash the van.  I don't know why.  But Joe and the older kids went to see the new Super hero movie, so Caty and I ran some errands and then I gave in and let her wash the van.  I knew I would need to help, so I had to time it so I could supervise and help.

Yes....more puppy pictures.

On Monday we were supposed to have a Meet the Meterologist event.  Well it turns out that he kind of forgot and didn't show.  He apologized and rescheduled.  Brayden decided to swing in the park by the library.

Then, since we were already that far, we visited some sites of skirmishes prior to the War of 1812.  This is the time period we are studying in American History.

We visited the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Memorial.  Even though they now know this is not where the battle actually occurred.

 Yes...more puppies.  Working on the leashes.

 Then we visited the site of Fort Miamis.  This served as a location through the War of 1812.
 Me and Chewie
 The fort is no longer there, but the trenches are.

We also visited the spot of Dudley's Massacre since we were right by it.  It's now the site of a public library.  Not quite there in history reading yet, but pretty close to it.

For school this week, Lydia started the 4 week dog unit study from Amanda Bennett.  She had a lot of fun starting this.
 We had riding lessons during the week this week.  They had some scheduling conflicts.
 And we continued our work at the Humane Society.  This week we played with the cats in the Cat room.

 We met some new kittens that are up for adoption....their names were M.C. and Hammer.  I chuckled, but the kids didn't know why.
 Brayden surprisingly is enjoying this.

 When we got home, we continued work on Lydia's Bronze Award project.  She is making chew toys for the dogs at the Humane Society.  They are a no-sew fleece toy.
 Only about 40 more to

On Wednesday we had tennis.  It has been Lydia, and then a couple weeks ago Caty decided she wanted to play also.  Then out of the blue Brayden walked on the court, and LOVED it.  He played for 35 minutes.  I didn't even have a racquet for him.  I had to give him mine to use.

Thursday was a home day...Caty had her last art class of this session.  And we finished up our book work for the week.

Then Friday we had another long day......long day.  We started though with a fun field trip to a local airport.  We had a wonderful guide who explained why planes can fly and then we got to tour a couple smaller private planes.

Caty was off the wall....but she was having fun.

It was a great trip!

Then the kids had archery and 4H meeting.

At 4H, the Cloverbuds built marshmallow shooters and we were working on trajectory.  Our marshmallows were a bit small to knock down our cups.  But we still had a lot of fun see how far we could shoot them and how many we could shoot in one pull.  We may carry this over another meeting.  So many more cool things we could be doing with this!

I also had to go shopping for riding supplies.  Caty was not in the mood... for all of this.  But she needed new riding boots for competition and riding.  What a treat it was taking her to try on new boots.  But we were successful in buying her two new pairs.  Plus riding pants for Lydia, and a new belt.  I need a new riding helmet for Caty now.  They didn't have any at the store we were at.

On Saturday it was a blur of errands and grocery shopping.  That is our life.  Hope to see everyone next weekend!

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