Thursday, June 2, 2016

Complete Home Learning Suite - Essential Skills Advantage Review

Essential Skills Advantage is an online game platform that allows students to practice essential educational skills.  These includes practice in reading, math, geography, spelling, science, and language arts & grammar.   It helps reinforce their abilities and build their confidence.  We were given the opportunity to try review the Complete Home Learning Suite the last few weeks.

The Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage is an online program that allows students in grades K - 6 to practice their educational skills.  They offer 43 individual programs, 998 learning units that means over 14,000 interactive learning activities.

Skills are practiced in a fun, game-like environment.  The activities and students progress is tracked for you, and you can easily print certificates and reports for your records.  You can view a full list of grade level and subjects offered by visiting the Essential Skills Advantage website.

We have been using The Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage for a few weeks now.  Caty has been struggling with attention and doing any book work.  It's her learning delays that are causing frustration.  So the Complete Home Learning Suite has allowed us to take a step back from the typical book work and given us a chance to work through and practice skills that she is trying to master.

Her login is very easy, and typically I help her log into her account and she works independently.  I listen if she needs me, but generally she does not.  The independence allows her to build confidence in her skills, and the stars she earns also makes her feel good about the work she is doing.  If her attention span is short that day, then she works for as long as she can and can easily start up where she left off later in the day or the next day.

Caty has been enjoying playing the Complete Home Learning Suite.  I have been enjoying the game-like feel that it provides.  Sometimes when I let Caty play online learning "games", she doesn't really learn anything.  She spends the entire time distracted by characters or changing clothes on characters instead of learning.  All of that type of distraction is very bad for someone who has ADHD and can not concentrate because they are constantly having their attention pulled by a different light or sound.
The Complete Home Learning Suite offers such a wide variety of subjects in all grade levels.  You can have confidence that there is something for every child's grade level.  Because of this, the Complete Home Learning Suite can be used by students during their summer break even to help them from losing any of the progress that they made during the school year.  Lessons typically are short and you can control how long they are on.  If they need a break, they pick up right where they left off.

The Complete Home Learning Suite is very affordable for families, It is $7.99 per month for one student, $0.99 for extra students each month (under the same parent account).  A 6 month subscription is $39.99, extra students are also $0.99 per month.  A Year long subscription is $69.99 for one student and extra students are $0.99 per month.

We are going to continue using the Complete Home Learning Suite as a review time each week.  I am also going to add the boys into the mix so that they can reinforce skills that they are struggling with.  I can see them benefiting from the additional practice, non-textbook style!

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage.  Please take some time to read what their experiences were like.

Essential Skills Advantage Review
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