Friday, June 17, 2016

Things You Can Do Together This Summer! - Part 1

It's summer and who hasn't heard their kids say, I'M BORED!  I wish I could shout or whine that as much as they can at times.  So here is a list that can help you plan some activities with each other.

1.  Be a tourist in your town.  Have you ever visited the Weird, Roadside Attractions site?  Check out what is around your area by searching by state.  Pack a picnic and take lots of pictures.

Roadside America

Weirdest Roadside Attractions

2.  Visit your local library.  Many times your local library has many programs for all ages during the summer.  It could be storytime, arts & crafts, and even a summer reading programs.  This will definitely keep you busy.  Best of all, most programs are free!

3.  Do you have a zoo nearby?  Family memberships offer lots of tax-deductible fun.  Don't try to see everything in one trip if you buy the membership!  Visit a certain area.  Learn about those animals and visit another section the next time.  Stop by the library on the way home and check out some books on the animals you want to learn more about.  Or print a scavenger hunt for while you are at the zoo.

4.  Make an obstacle course in your yard.  A few cones, hula hoops, and you can have hours of fun.  Throw in the water hose spraying at the kids while they are doing it and you have made some hot, summer day fun!

5.  Go to a local nature preserve or park and see how many forms of plant and wildlife you can recognize.  Bring a notebook for each child to sketch their discoveries in.

6.  Visit an art museum.  You could spend hours looking at exhibits.  Pack a picnic to enjoy together.

7.  Fly swatter painting....yep that's right.  Paint with flyswatters.  Definitely do this outside.  Take large sheets of paper and use tempra paint.  We did this a few years ago and it was so much fun!

8.  Go on a bike ride.  You can explore your town or the countryside around your home.  Just remember to reinforce bike safety.  We like to ride bikes to the local library or out in the country.

9.  Invent something....give your kids a bunch of recyclable materials and encourage their creativity.  Have them invent something.

10.  Have a movie marathon.  Theme your lunch and snacks to go with the movie.  Spend the week watching a series, such as Star Wars or even Kung Fu Panda.

This is the first in a series that we will have this year helping you to have the best summer ever!  Watch next Friday for our next post!

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